The acclaimed new series continues as Luther decides to take advantage of his new talents and become a hero. He’s got the powers, he’s got the costume, but is it enough?

Meanwhile the Librarian is tightening the noose around Luther’s life as the body count begins to pile up.

Story by Justin Jordan
Art by Tradd Moore
Cover by Tradd Moore

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. This is my favourite new book of the year. Tradd Moore’s art is fantastic

  2. So far, so Great! I’m looking forward to more mayhem from Jordan and Moore.

  3. This title just plain rocks. Like, Old School Rock.

    I’m thinking 1986 Poison…

  4. So pissed I missed the 2 issue, man when is the reprint coming!?

  5. I will going out and getting all of the back issues, I read the preview and this book seems awesome!! If they don’t I will get the trade when it come s out for sure!!


    • Reprints of the issues are coming out so it shouldn’t be hard to get those. 1st printing though, that’s going to be a tiny bit harder (check ebay)
      And this series totally rocks

  6. Man, this book doesn’t mess around. Each issue so far has been really good, I can’t wait to see what happens next. I wonder if Luther’s Dad and the Librarian are connected somehow? We’ll see, but for now I’ll just enjoy the ride.

  7. I got book one and book three however; the store was sold out of book two. I read book one and it was awesome; this just seemed fresh and new to me. I can’t wait to read #2 when I get my hands on it and then on to #3. I hope this book is just as good as the first one and if so why is this not a regular ongoing? It needs to be, I got that feeling right from the start!!
    First issue gets a 5!!


  8. Love the art on this. I would love if this turned into an on-going and they started to expand on the Luther Strode universe.

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