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FIRST WAVE takes a break this month but THE SPIRIT marches on! Angel Smerti has delivered The Spirit into the deadly grasp of the Octopus, and the only one who can save him is… Angel Smerti?! Can The Spirit possibly warm her icy heart with a knife pressed against his throat?

And in THE SPIRIT: BLACK & WHITE co-feature, Michael Uslan and F.J. DeSanto deliver a tale of treason on the airwaves, stunningly illustrated in rich graytones by Justiniano!

Co-feature written by MICHAEL USLAN & F.J. DESANTO
Co-feature art by JUSTINIANO
Cover by LADR

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Haven’t really felt the 1st 2 issues storywise, but man, the art has been amazing!

  2. @PozrDu – I am surprised because I am really loving everything about this. The art is fabolous. Last Issue had a Harlan Ellison Co-feature … can’t beat that.

  3. this comic is great!  I had been missing the Spirit since the last series ended, and while this current series has an entirely different look and feel I’m enjoying it just as much.

  4. Yes, this has been great. The Ellison/Kyle Baker back up last month was crazy good.

  5. @AmirCat – I think it’s because I’ve got a fondness for the Eisner Spirit stories where the Spirit was a ruse for the stories really about the "incidental" characters.  This stuff feels more Miller than Eisner.  Miller’s great, but lacks the warm empathy of Eisner.

  6. @PozrDu – Right on.  That’s exactly the difference I wanted to express between this series with Schultz vs. the last series with Cooke/Aragones/etc.  in my previous comment.  The only difference for me obviously, is that I’m feeling the same excitement either way.  Further, I might say that this series so far, is a nice medium ground between Miller’s take on the character in his movie vs. the previous comic series.

    perhaps I’ll elaborate in a review after issue #3 comes out.

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