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In this second gripping issue, Angel Smerti is a lady who gets what she wants – and she wants The Spirit dead! The Spirit’s first encounter with the Golden Tree crime organization will show him that the threat extends far beyond Central City! And in the co-feature, THE SPIRIT: BLACK and WHITE, modern fiction master Harlan Ellison teams with the brilliant Kyle Baker (WEDNESDAY COMICS) to bring an adventure right to the Spirit’s backyard – Wildwood Cemetery!

Co-feature written by HARLAN ELLISON
Co-feature art by KYLE BAKER
Cover by LADR

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Man, I wish I had a little more will-power to not buy this. I’m so broke and issue #1 really let me down. But the artistic combo of Moritat/Kyle Baker is too much for me to say no to. 

    Also, what is First Wave?  

  2. I liked the first issue well enough, but I’m dropping out of this whole First Wave thing in issues. Too much too soon. They should have released the ini first and gauged reaction off that. I’ll sit out until there’s a few nice trades out there.

    @JesseG: First Wave is the new universe this is supposed to take place in. The iniseries called First Wave sets up the shared universe. This ongoing and the Doc Savage book are supposed to take place in the same sort of neo-noir setting.

  3. Still haven’t read #1, but I’m looking forward to a double dose.  Hopefully won’t be a let down like the First Wave mini.

  4. I really liked #1, it seemed like a much lighter, more bubbly version of the stories you would typically see in Detective Comics.

    I really hope they don’t have this book crossover with any other first wave titles or force any of the other pulp characters into this. 

  5. @jesseG  I was dissapointed with the spirit too, Doc savage I enjoyed a little better though

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Moritat is a beast!

  7. That was pretty freaking good.  I’m in post Blackest Night / Siege disinterest in most of the books I normally look forward too.  This was sweet.  Well executed Spirit is always nice and the back-up story I keep going back to.  For some reason black and white art I study way longer than color art, hmmm.

  8. After the second issue I’m now of the opinion that this seems like it is going to be a pretty fun series. It might not be the best scripted comic I have ever read, but Moritat is F-ing perfect for it.

    I’m going to stick with this for a little while I Think. P.s. I love Kyle Baker 

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