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One of the greatest pulp characters of all time is now re-launched into the 21st century!

The world knows Richard Wentworth as a decorated war hero and the son of a wealthy industrialist – but only a few confidants know the truth. As New York City slides into violence and despair, Wentworth has transformed himself into a force of justice as The Spider! With only his wits, his technology, and his pistols to aid him, he fights a one-man war against crime, but when a mysterious new villain threatens the city with an unspeakable horror, it may be more than even The Spider can handle. How far will a sane man go to restore order to an insane world?

Story by David Liss
Art by Colton Worley
Cover by Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Francesco Francavilla, & Ron Lesser

Price: $3.99
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  1. Man I have been waiting for this comic for like ever man, I enjoyed Shadow and can’t wait to see what this one has in store for us readers!

  2. 56 Pulls!!!!! come on this is gonna be GREAT!!!

  3. May pick this up, if i can get the Fracavilla cover it’s a cert:) i quite disliked the Shadow #1 though, so i hope they don’t turn The Spider into another Punisher-type.

  4. Wow… I was blown away by this book. The pacing was perfect, the action instantaneous, the information on the backstory introduced well and a spot on roll out of a intriguing support cast. AND all of that is presented with gorgeous artwork.

    PLEASE people, pick up this book…. I want to be reading this for a long time.

  5. Loved it!

  6. If you were considering picking up this book and didn’t, do yourself a favor. Go back to the store right now and grab a copy.

  7. This would have been much better if the editor did his job. There were a lot of typos that stood out.

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