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The Shadow is known for the mystic power which allows him to cloud men’s minds and read their hearts. But what happens when this power fails him? After the Shadow fails to stop a routine mugging, he travels to the Far East with his pilot and sidekick WWI ace Miles Crofton. In Nepal, he hopes to reconnect with his old masters and to consult with them about what could be amiss with his powers. Instead, he finds opium smugglers. As always, The Shadow faces danger… but he must also look within himself.

Story by Victor Gischler
Art by Jack Herbert
Cover by Alex Ross, Darwyn Cooke, John Cassaday, & Francesco Francavilla

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. I find The Shadow pretty interesting but have never read anything. For those that are reading this, should I jump on and give it a shot??

  2. Jump on. These pulp characters are fun to read. In my opinion, The Spider has been a better story but The Shadow is still very entertaining. I’m eagerly awaiting the big pulp character crossover, Masks, to come out at the end of the month.

  3. Rather than jump on, I’d buy the trade paperback of issues 1-5 by Ennis that is coming out…THIS WEEK!

  4. Boy, this better be good, btw, or else I see the sales on this book dropping off a cliff.

  5. Lovely Cooke cover

  6. This felt very different from the Ennis work…but it was pretty damn good. I’m sticking.

    No lady friend for Lamont this trip? I liked sexy Cranston from the last arc.

  7. I feel duped in a good way; I think this was a well hidden origin story. The new art looks great as well.

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