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• The final issue of The Shade’s year-long odyssey is here!

• Learn the truth about one of the most mysterious men in the DC Universe and see once and for all what makes him tick: good or evil?

Written by James Robinson
Art by Gene Ha
Cover by Tony Harris
Variant Cover by Gene Ha

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.4%


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Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. Going to miss this. Hopefully Robinson is going to be able to tell more stories at some point.

  2. Been the best maxi-series of the year & look with hope that we’ll get something next year, but with the sales not being great it may be a long wait.

  3. Here’s hoping Robinson gets the greenlight for the Batman and Shade crossover at some point. And wasn’t there word of Cooke returning to do more Vigilante too?

  4. This was amazing. I’m definitely gonna double-dip and pick up the trade on this as well.

  5. So the Final issue is titled “Part I”… interesting.

    • Robinson said that because the 3 “Times Past” stories in the series go backwards in Time, this is Part I chronologicaly. The Jill Thompson story(#8) is titled part II and the Darwyn Cooke story (#4) is titled part III. Pretty neat

    • Ah, thanks for that. Although, it did ruin my hope that there would be a sequel to this.

  6. It’s what I always kind of guessed at but not what I expected!

  7. Just a tiny bit disappointed. I guess its because I just want more. I want to see Von Hammer again, and Starman, and La Sangre, and all of the extended cast who I fell in love with. I wish there was a way to incorporate Shade into the DCU but I don’t see DC giving him his own book and I don’t think it makes sense to put him on a team. But I would love to see him pop up in Phantom Stranger, Batman, or Green Lantern. I think if they gave him a run in National Comics or DC Presents maybe you could build some momentum for the character. Of course I’d be hesitant to see him written by anyone but Robinson.

    Just a bonus question: Who was your favorite/best artist for the maxi?

    • I also think the covers didn’t help with sales. I wasnt impressed with any of Tony Harris’ covers.

    • I agree that the ending didn’t quite live up to the grander scale in my head of a conclusion, but I still really enjoyed the series as a whole & if anything else were to come out in the for-see-able future then I would jump at it.

      But I certainly do not agree with your opinion on the covers by Tony Harris, I think that they’ve been excellent as most things he does is.
      Your question on best artist for the series was for me Cully Hamner!

  8. When does the trade come out?

  9. I enjoyed it, but I want to enter it into the record that the cursive font they use for the Shade’s journals is ****ing punishing on the eyes.

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