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• Welcome the new creative team of ROB LIEFELD, MARK POULTON, JOE BENNETT and ART THIBERT!

• Introducing the evil XERXES!

• It’s HAWKMAN the savage warrior – as you’ve never seen him before!

Written by Rob Liefeld
Pencilled by Joe Bennett
Inked by Art Thibert
Colored by Mathew Yackey
Lettered by Travis Lanham
Cover by Rob Liefeld

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. horrifyingly bad cover. interiors look pretty good though. hopefully this will either be solidly good or very very bad. at least i’ll be able to talk about it:)

    • I could have drawn a better cover!! You are right the interioirs were not to bad from the preview however; again Liefeld needs to stop trying to draw adult comic books and stick to writing where he seems to be the most qualified now a days.


  2. Dropped this at issue 8 because I just can’t justify those Liefield covers. I was actually enjoying the book but they do say vote with your wallet so I hope DC get the idea that no one really wants Liefield on this or any other book.

  3. I dropped this book early on, and I’m not interested in this creative team, and that is one horrible cover. I think Geoff Johns did the best Hawkman stories several years back. I’d love to be reading a good Hawkman book, but meh… I’m not enthused.

  4. I think Hawkman has been the worst handled character in the new 52. Even though I cannot stand the concept of the nth metal in this new interpretation I will give this issue a shot since I really did like Bennett’s pencils on Hawkman when Palmiotti and Gray were writing it. I have little faith that Rob Liefeld can write a good story, but what the hell, Bennett sold me.

  5. A complete mess of a book. I may do a review.

  6. Then need to move joe bennett he is way to good for this trash book.

  7. Just sad! Thats what the comments are telling me and I will not buy another issue that has anything to do with Liefeld’s art!!


  8. This new start for Hawkman looks promising, especially in the art department; I really had a problem with Tan’s style; Joe Bennett’s is more to my liking. I am super excited at the prospect of Shayera being reintroduced; I had lost hope after the Earth-2 Hawkgirl was announced.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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