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Hawkman comes face to face with Jim Craddock, a.k.a. the Gentleman Ghost, a malevolent spirit obsessed with finding an ancient relic called the Mortis Orb.

Can Hawkman stop Craddock from using the power of the Orb to unleash hell on Earth?

Art and cover by PHILIP TAN

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  1. DC, cancel this comic book. Bring back Katar and Shayera from Thanagar as the DCnewNU version of Earth one Hawman. Then bring bring back the original Carter and Shiera on Earth 2. This NU version blows chunks.

  2. The run should have began with this villain and some twist on the Hawkman myth. No one wants a cheap symbiotic story with fragmented narration.

  3. so nobody is loven this book?

  4. Looks like that is a no, yet it got 93 pulls? I dropped this after the first issue and I keep checking back on the comments to see if there has been any changes or any hope of saving another one of my favorite characters. Nope! I guess not.
    I know Rob is coming soon and I he can write pretty good some times and I am not a big fan of his artwork however; it will be a heck of a lot better than the mush I have seen in these pages.
    kcekada- You are 100% right!!


    • Joe Bennett (currently the artist on Deathstroke, and previously has done Hawkman art) will be the NEW ARTIST starting in #9. Liefeld is NOT writing, but is basically plotting the direction for the title. There will be a different writer. I think James Bonny has done well writing since coming onboard with this arc. Philip Tan has been hit or miss to me, some issues look awesome, others depend panel-to-panel, others have been just horrible…..

      Not sure why Liefeld is “plotting” Hawkman & Grifter while writing and doing art on Deathstroke? I wonder if the Nth Metal conncection between Hawkman & Deathstroke plays some part (possible crossovers, mini-event in future)? Maybe Grifter has the Nth as well?

  5. I had such high hopes for this character — probably the most anticipated among the New 52. What an awesome disappointment! From one panel to the next: crowning disappointment both visually and conceptually…

    Had to cut it off at issue #7. What a waste of print!!!

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