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When the alien creature known as Morphicius starts draining the life force from Carter Hall, a.k.a. Hawkman, he learns that there’s more to his new victim than meets the eye. The mysterious properties of the Nth Metal protect Hawkman – but in the process, they are also making Morphicius powerful! With innocent lives in the balance, can Hawkman turn the table on his enemy, or are Morphicius newfound powers too powerful to stop?

Written by TONY S. DANIEL
Art and cover by PHILIP TAN

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Avg Rating: 2.7
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  1. Poop

  2. This relaunch is going very well

  3. They screwed the pooch with Hawkman — again! Since Earth 2 is comign back, why didn’t they just revive Carter and Shiera there — and bring back the Thanagarians for 52?

  4. I wonder how this will turn out; the story in the first was very disappointing.

    The ART is very good though.

  5. Hawk & Dove and The Savage Hawkman, tied for least enjoyable of the new 52. I had HIGH hopes for Savage Hawkman.

  6. Well I gave it till issue two and it sucked! 2/5 dropped.

  7. I desperately want to like this title, but jeeze this was not a good issue. I really hope the creatives can turn it around before it gets the ax.

  8. Yeah this is probably going as the third dropped title for me on the new relaunch.

  9. Well in detail the art is confusing in about 80% of the book I can’t even tell if these are characters or just ink thrown on a page. The characters are not likeable at all the megring of Hawkman with Nth metal just seems ridiculous and unnessecary! The villian could have been cool except……. Oh just forget it… drop it and lets all just move on. Hawkman never gets a break at all; he needs to just be in a group book and thats it.

    Just sayin’,


  10. hopefully Daniel move on to a new projeck like Krul and Green Arrow, giving someone else a chance to get it right, rather than just killing the book outright, Hawkman is cool, just needs a good creative team.

  11. The biggest crime of this issue is that it’s boring.

    Not to mention that we know nothing about the hero (us newcomers that is).

    I’ll give it one more shot to see if i’ll drop it or not

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