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• The “HAWKMAN: WANTED” epic explodes in this issue!

• Continues in this month’s GREEN ARROW #14 as Hawkman and Green Arrow meet for the first time in The New 52!

• LADYHAWKE, princess of Thanagar, wants Hawkman dead—and she’s accused him of the murder of her father and brother!

Story Rob Liefeld & Frank Tieri
Art by Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson, Wayne Faucher, & Art Thibert
Cover by Joe Bennett & Art Thibert

Price: $2.99
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  1. Had to pick this up and see a Hawkman / Green Arrow crossover, thinking about their relationship in the old DCU. I’m kinda liking what appears to be TV Green Arrow more than I liked old Ollie at the end of the old universe. Only reading the first 4 or 5 issues of Hawkman, how did he become a Thangarian again already? I thought it was old archaeologist Hawkman?

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