This massive hardcover collects THE SANDMAN #1-37 and THE SANDMAN SPECIAL #1—the first half of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed horror classic. Upon his escape from captivity at the hands of a mortal, Morpheus must deal with the changes within himself and his realm. His journey to find his place in the world takes him through mythical worlds to retrieve his belongings, the backroads of America for a twisted reunion, and even Hell itself.

Story by Neil Gaiman
Art by Various
Cover by Dave McKean

Price: $150.00
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Avg Rating: 5.0
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  1. All I want for Christmas is my Om-Ni-Bus, my Om-Ni-Bus, yeah my Om-Ni-Bus!…

  2. If i didn’t have the Absolute editions, i would definitely get this.

    • I think I prefer the Absolute editions – they are 1/2 smaller – and therefore won’t have as much stress on the the binding over time (not to mention they are slipcased – and all still available for sale). Also, there have been a few videos made specifically about the poor binding quality of DC hardcovers (at least vs. Marvel), so the thicker they get, the more worried I become.

  3. Anybody have this in hand? How does it look? Any issues with gutter loss or the binding? I have this ordered, but it won’t be arriving until next week.

    • Bro… With DC, NEVER buy until you see it for yourself. It could be very good (Death: The Deluxe Edition) or very shitty (DC Universe: by Alan Moore).

      You have to be careful, man. You don’t want to have paid $100 for an awful collection!

    • Yeah, that’s why I’m asking. I have it pre-ordered on Amazon (getting it for 54% off the cover price–perhaps the one reason to order before seeing), so I actually have a few days to cancel the order before it ships.

  4. I was gonna get this too but I realized that this is over a thousands pages. I bought the omnibus of House Of Secrets it was great but it was uncomfortable to read it cause its is so bulke. I would invest in the slipcase personally.

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