The Spirit, created by Will Eisner, and The Rocketeer, created by Dave Stevens, are two of the most beloved characters in the history of comics. Now, these two great pulp-inspired heroes meet for the very first time! A Central City Councilman disappears and is found dead in Los Angeles. Commissioner Dolan, along with Denny Colt (AKA The Spirit) and his daughter Ellen in tow, treks out to the City of Angels to investigate. Meanwhile, Cliff Secord (The Rocketeer) consoles his sweetheart Betty… who is traumatized after accidentally discovering the politicians body!

(W) Mark Waid (A/CA) Paul Smith

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  1. Mark Waid on another Rocketeer book. I’m more than excited. I love The Rocketeer and I can’t wait to see where this will take Betty and Cliff 🙂

  2. I picked up cargo of Doom in trade, and I think I’ll do the same with this.

    Looks good.

  3. I was really curious to read Waid’s last Rocketeer series, but couldn’t fit it into my budget. However, Waid writing The Spirit is a something that I can’t pass up.

    • Yeah, waid writing The Spirit has my money, heck if it were a Spirit/’Mazng Man team up by Mark Waid I’d read it in a heart beat.

  4. I thought that this was a great start to the story; I’m glad that I picked it up. Also, there were some wonderful pages from Smith. Looking forward to the rest of the series . . .

    • Overall, I really enjoyed this. I really like the art by Smith, but I guess it will be short lived – Lofton Wallace will be picking up art duties from here on out. Will definitely give him a chance before dismissing the series though.

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