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• A Sorcerer Supreme ascends!

• Who will be the new master of marvel magic?

• And what sacrifice will they have to make to achieve such power? An explosive end chapter to one of Marvel’s longest running stories!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Michael Avon Oeming
Cover by Mike Deodato

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Avg Rating: 3.0
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  1. Really need to catch up on these.

    Haven’t been keeping up since Fear Itself.

  2. Bendis is one of my favorite writers but this arc has been a stinker. If this wasn’t Bendis’ penultimate New Avengers issue, I’d have considered dropping the title. But I’m a completist and this is too close to the end.

  3. I really missed Doctor Voodoo. Hate that he may be a villain now, but I do really enjoy the character and wish he stayed Sorcerer Supreme a little longer. Let’s see how the chapter closes.

  4. I’m liking the story a lot, but the art in this issue….blech.

  5. Haven’t been reading this series, thought I’d pick up an issue as I’m a big Dr. Strange and Brother Voodoo fan.

    Wow, do people like this art style?? Freaky eyes, it was a big zero for me.

    Hard to tell what I thought of the story, since the art was such a turnoff.

    The Brother Voodoo Sorceror Supreme series a few years ago (Rick Remender writing I believe) was excellent but got canceled.

    What a mess.

  6. I like Oeming a lot and I liked his work on this issue. However, I’d prefer more stylistic consistency within a series and between cover and interior.

    Having Pacheco and Oeming rotating on the same arc is nonsense. Having a Deodato cover with Oeming interiors is nonsense. A full Oeming arc? Count me in.

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