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Get ready for some old-school Avengers blockbuster action!

It’s the New Avengers versus the new Dark Avengers! And wait until you find out who is behind the masks!! Actually, wait until the Avengers find out who is behind the masks!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato
Cover by Mike Deodato

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. I was going to drop this, then I read how Bendis is going to build up to an epic conclusion to his entire run.

    Hands wringing.

    • do it, drop it, be a man. Don’t fall for their marketing BS

    • I jumped back on for the issue when daredevil showed up but not picking this book up anymore. I haven’t been enjoying this title in a while and can’t justify spending the money for the hope that it will be good.

  2. @edward – How exactly is Bendis ending his long run “marketing BS”?

    • What are you talking about? How is spinning a huge anti-climax after years of medicore stories (and I say that as a bendis fan objectively considering the books) into something important not marketing BS? That’s if he actually leaves the books and just doesn’t start another title with a different name.

      Any other questions?

    • are you planning on leaving the whos alone this year or is your heart still 2 sizes too small

    • All edward EVER does is complain, just ignore him like the rest of us and move along.

    • @Kamilo: that’s not true but thanks for commenting

  3. The early pages with Daredevil and Squirrel-Girl were great!

    The cover was a pure tease, though!

    And the blurb above seems more appropriate for next issue.

    Enjoyable, but not epic, IMO.

  4. I’d like to know where Norman got the cool Star Destroyer.

  5. it’s old school new avengers?

  6. I’m sadly dropping this. I love bends but can’t handle his take pn the avengers anymore. Dropped

  7. i, also, am ok to see more. no one does osborn like bendis. i just jumped back on board because of the reformation of the dark avengers. had he not done that i wouldnt even be talkn’ now on this thread

  8. I agree, I love what Bendis has done for Norman Osborn – and I actually do enjoy both of Bendis’ Avengers books quite a bit. However, I really feel his work suffers from decompression here.

    I read these issues and they don’t seem like individual issues at all; just a blurry chain of events browsing along with no end in sight – glued together with some character-driven beats and Spider-Man speaking yiddish – and then a year later, we get what amounts to an ending. Again, I appreciate and enjoy Bendis’ unique talents. I just wish Marvel would force him to stamp “Part 3 of 6” or something at the start of his Avengers stories, to prove to me that he has a hard arc ending in sight for the near future.

  9. (And yes, I know Bendis’ Avengers run is coming to a close; I just hope his other titles – both current and future – show a bit more compression!)

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