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With The Massive’s trail gone dead, the Kapital is forced to respond to a different crisis, one very close to home. Navigating the thawed Canadian polar ice into the turbulent northern Atlantic, the crew arrives at the most infamous post-Crash disaster zone: New York City.

Creator/Writer Brian Wood returns home, crafting another chilling near-future story on the same turf as DMZ, Channel Zero, The Couriers, and more.

“Brian Wood’s The Massive proves that there’s room for political comics.” —Complex

“The Massive is clearly one of the best books of 2012 due to its exquisite ability to meld high concept ideas with real characters as Brian Wood continues to make comics smart.” —Comic Book Resources


Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Garry Brown
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Cover Artist: J.P. Leon

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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Glad Garry Brown’s back, I didn’t mind the previous three one & done’s but now let’s crack on back to the status quo, does anyone know why there isn’t an issue out in September?

    • I hadn’t heard bout this, and I think Previews has one solicited for September. Where did you hear this? It would be a bummer, but no big deal.

    • Dark Horse’s website checking out what’s coming out in September & then on my mailing list what will be available for that month too also doesn’t have it listed!

      I know it’s no major thing but just seems weird after all this time with no delays, wondered why they take a month off?

    • I noticed the same thing regarding the lack of a solicited Sept. issue. Hopefully it’s just a mistake or small break.

    • Bummer, guess we get a month off after this arc…

  2. That cover is great!

  3. I’ve got such a massive (sorry) stack of comics that I’m really behind on reading this. Hopefully it’s still good. Great cover as always.

    • I’d say you’re in for a treat. This comic reads well in issues but I imagine it’ll read even better in big chunks.

    • I agree, the Massive reads a lot better in big chunks. and difficulty of reading it in issues is also the only thing I would criticize about the book. I often times have to reread the earlier issue before starting the new one, just to get what’s going on and what the current status quo is. but overall, still a great book 😉

    • I buy Massive issues but wait to read the 3 issue arc in one sitting, I think its better that way

  4. I’d never thought it was capable, but I think this series has secured its place as one of my top 5 favourite ongoing series at the moment. It’s been so consistent and compelling.

  5. I just caught up with all the back issues. Lovin’ this series, art and story.

  6. Avatar photo tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    This series just keeps getting better. Oh man, did the stakes just go sky high in this issue!

  7. Last night, while reading the West Coast Crash commentary (I live in Nor Cal), my power went out for like 2 hours. Walking outside to see my dark neighborhood, I couldn’t help but think about this book and how dependant we are on infrastructure. It drove the story home. Seeing Central Park under water and reading about how toxic the water is (something I had never thought about when it came to flooding) was creepy. This was an excellent issue and Brown’s art looked better than ever.

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