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When the crew of the Kapital gets trapped in an ice field, Captain Callum Israel ventures out on foot to continue the pursuit of The Massive. He quickly gets lost in the increasingly dangerous weather, and the reality of the risks he’s asked his crew to take fully hits him. When it does, it threatens to break him completely.

“In a period where Wood’s name seems to pop up all over the industry, this series has emerged as one of his most ambitious and rewarding so far.”—IGN

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Danijel Zezelj
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Cover Artist: John Paul Leon

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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Not always been a big fan of Zezelj so a little apprehensive about this issue.

    • My first experience with Zezelj was when he took over Loveless after Marcelo Frusin — & it took me a really long time to get past that bias. It really depends on the material he’s illustrating. A lot of times, it’s way too blocky & rough & hard to follow, for the type of story – but his issue of Scalped & the Luna Park OGN were great. Those stories fit his style perfectly. … Massive? We will see.

      Next issue, Brown is back & the crew enter America, right?

    • I like Zezelj’s art in general. That Scalped issue with the old couple was amazing. I think he nailed this issue, and I think his dusty dirty style makes more sense for this series than the super-clean fashion catalog look the series began with.

    • Yeah I think his style is fine, I’m just not a fan of how he depicts hair and faces. I think the heavy inks and blocky facial structures looked off.

    • @Turd – That’s what really hung me up on this issue too. Honestly, I thought this was the worst Zezelj I’ve seen. And Bellaire is usually an awesome colorist, but I felt like the colors needed some texture or something to offset the incredibly heavy & rudimentary linework. This art took me out of the story as badly as issue #10’s had.

      The only place that it was working here for me were the flashback scenes where the black of the lineart was replaced by a softer color. There, it wasn’t so jarring.

      With all that said, for a really good Zezelj book, pick up “Luna Park” if you all get the chance.

    • So I go from reading issue 11 with art by Shavely to issue 12 with art by Zezelj? Not a good transition….

  2. I’m liking this series OK but will probably switch to trades after this arc. I enjoy it for the thought-provoking scenario(s) and Wood’s in-depth research but am not really invested in any of the characters. It feels more like an intellectual exercise than a intriguing story to read. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but for some reason this book just hasn’t gelled with me.

  3. All in all I liked this issue, but it felt like a lull story-wise, so as a coda to the arc I think it could’ve been better. I’m still enjoying the series as a whole, I’m looking forward to the 9th Wave’s journey to America, and the return of Garry Brown.

    On a side note, the three connecting covers look fantastic!

  4. It’s always a treat when Zezelj pops up somewhere, and this was no exception. He was by far the best of the three fill-in artists for this arc.

    His run on Loveless was absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I fucking loved this issue the story was great, the whole hopelessness & helplessness was brilliant. I even didn’t mind Zezelj’s art which was quite minimal for a change!

    I really like where this book is starting to go & that the crews actual agenda is not quite turning out to be what they thought or is, there are so many great individuals on-board that almost anything can happen & that anyone could just show their true colours with no-one seeing that coming.

    Basically great, great, great issue. Definitely my pick of the week!

  6. I might very well be the last fan of this series to notice this, but just in case I’m not, if you lay out the covers of the “Polaris” arc they fit together to make a very nice panoramic piece. I thought that was pretty special. Going to go digging through my boxes now to see if other arcs are the same way.

    Loving this book even more now…hitching a ride on a shark’s eye that’s taller than me…Why not? IT’S THE APOCALYPSE!

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