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Following a mutiny, the crew of the Kapital are in a race against time to catch their increasingly elusive sister ship, The Massive, when a school of aggressive great white sharks cross their path!

“Provocative, original, and fiercely intelligent.”—Comic Book Resources

“Much like DMZ, the glimpses of savagery [in The Massive] are unsettling because this world isn’t as divorced from ours as we’d like it to be.”—IGN

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Declan Shalvey
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Cover Artist: J.P. Leon

Price: $3.50
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Last issue was a little so-so but my expectations are usually met with this series, so I am hoping that was a blip & we can move on with style?!!

    • Yeah, there was a really strange disconnect between the story & art last issue. But Shalvey’s a solid artist, & with his recent work with Wood on Conan (& Northlanders, I think), I’m guessing we’ll see the cohesion we’re used to with this title.

    • Yes! Shalvey art is always a treat. I think his aesthetic will work well in the world of The Massive.

    • I know it gets redundant, but these JPL covers are incredible! I can’t wait to see all three connected.

  2. I was always attracted to the art of the this series but wasn’t sure of whether I’d like the story or not. On a slow week I gave it a try and quickly got hooked. I’m still catching up with this series. I’m on issue 6 so I’ll probably wait a bit to get this one.

  3. Last ish art was really distracting–I’ll need to re-read it at some point. Looking forward to this one.


    • Bummer. Hope you can read it soon (Dark Horse Digital app?) This issue was maybe the best yet.

    • Okay, yeah, I got a digital copy in the interim. And this issue was really, really good. So, was this Wood’s definitive statement that Mary is something crazily different than everyone else. No question about it now, right?

      Declan Shalvey can do fill-ins anytime. Brown’s still my favorite on the book, but I really liked Shalvey, especially for this kind of issue.

    • @jasonhart, yup your theory regarding Mary seems pretty spot on. Part of me likes how vaguely Wood is addressing her “powers”, but I also really want to know what exactly is going on with her, and what is the full extent of said “powers”.
      I’m sure in time we’ll find out.

      I also thought Mary’s grooming of Lars was interesting, it made it seem like maybe Mary has been the true leader, and possibly been influencing Cal’s decisions more than we’ve been lead to know. Definitely a lot of intriguing developments, which is what I’ve come to expect from this book.

    • Or grooming him because she’ll be leaving maybe…? And that’s another thing – I really liked the other “nature’s anomaly” in this issue. Like Wood’s easing us into the idea that there are mutants or whatever now. If that’s the way it’s going, then that scene with Mary & the creature (trying to be vague) becomes even more powerful/symbolic.

    • @Jasonhart I heard it was a train derailment that postponed the books (mine too!). Really sucked. But back to Mary and the Megalodon: I don’t think she is a “mutant”, her oneness feels too “Zen”. I joked earlier that she is some sort of avatar, but I think it is along those lines. As for the Mega there are rumors of sightings in recent times, and I think Wood was just playing with that idea. What I found interesting was the “with you all the way” remark that Cal found confusing. That coupled with her grooming of Lars and your comment about maybe Mary leaving, has me thinking Cal might be in store for a similar “transformation” that she underwent (if she in fact is changed, or whatever we want to call it). In the 0 issue there is allusion to Mary picking Cal. She is the one that got him started on this path in the first place. @Turdsandwich To me Mary is definitely the main string puller here, we’ve seen it from the very beginning. A very entertaining, thought provoking issue as always, and I was SO happy that the art improved. Can’t wait for next issue. Thanks guys for talking about it. Wish I git my copy sooner.

  5. Great issue, loved the sharks!

  6. As someone that is deathly afraid of sharks because of watching Jaws as a small child, this issue scared the shit out of me. Good going Wood.

    • My dad had my brother & me watch “Jaws” on vacation in Florida when we were really young – until my mom came in & made him turn it off. He put on “Monkey Shine” instead. My brother’s terrified of monkeys.

      This issue played on all those primal & cultural fears perfectly, without going over the top.

  7. This was a beautifully complex issue. Gives the reader a lot to think about.

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