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Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s acclaimed tale of the origin of Marvel continues, as the mysteries of Nazi spies on American shores begin to unravel, and The Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner battle once again in the skies of New York, with devastating results.

WRITER: Ed Brubaker
PENCILS: Steve Epting
COVERS BY: Steve Epting, Steve McNiven and Gerald Parel

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.6%


GLNancy02/26/10NoRead Review
flapjaxx02/24/10NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Woohoo! I love this series!

  2. Why isn’t anybody talking about this series more? Where’s the buzz?

  3. @jackietam I think it has alot to with the slow release schedule.


  5. Everytime this comes out its like "Oh yeah I forgot how much I was enjoying this."  I just seems like I forget about it in the interim.

  6. I can’t wait to buy the trade for this.

  7. for some reason i just want this to be over.

  8. Love Steve Epting. He should have done reborn. I bet they could have paced it to fit in 5 issues, as well.

  9. Still waitin’ for the trade.


  10. wow! another great issue.  my only complaint is, who the fuck is that guy, and that one there, and this one? I want to know more about all those heroes in the flood scene.

  11. Is there any collected trades of Marvel stuff when it was timely comics?

  12. by far the best issue of the series so far. I needed this issue because i was really tired of the story so far.

  13. If Scalped hadn’t come out, this wouldve been my pick of the week

  14. agree with the stick of fvcking.  This was the best issue of the series so far. 

  15. @GLNancy: There’s this.

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