With FEAR ITSELF over, Tony Stark must deal with the consequences of his startling actions.

Hounded by the media, can Stark overcome his Demon?

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Salvador Larroca
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Salvador Larroca, Frank D'Armata, & Mike Choi

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I still really enjoy this title.

  2. Finally, I can get back on board.

    • If you were reading Invincible Iron Man before Fear Itself and dropped off, stuff did happen that was part of the original story. Namely, the stuff with the Hammer Girls and Detorit Steel and the mole. May want to check ’em out or read about what happened.

    • I read up until the second issue of Tony working in Odin’s forge, then fell off. Was there anything important that happened after that?

    • I think you got everything needed then. Detroit Steel died, the mole in Resilient leaked that Pepper had an emotional breakdown to the press, and I believe that the main dwarf from Odin’s workshop is coming back with Tony to be a supporting cast member…but I could’ve read that last bit wrong.

  3. Fear Itself 7.3 was actually pretty strong so i wanna pick this up again. Hopefully it can keep it going!

  4. See Tony? See what happens when you try to make a stupid electric car?!? No good comes of it!

    • it’s not an electric car. It’s a repulsar car. There’s a difference! Although it woulda been more interesting if he just decided to make a diesel car and everyone acted like it was groundbreaking…I woulda read that.

    • Ok, Alternative Fuel car.

      Diesel engine but with repulsar wheels that make it hover a foot off the ground and destroy the shit out of the road when you move, making it completely impractical and useless.

    • I’d buy that and I’d buy a comic about that!!!

  5. The Fear Itself part wasn’t my favorite, but I still like this a lot. The only Fraction stuff I honestly dislike is his work with Thor (which includes Fear Itself).

  6. Yup, totally back on board.

  7. Ya this was good… brought some thoughts to tony and the character was good… Really liked this issue for the first time in a while.

  8. A return to form, I thought; glad that I gave Fraction another chance with this title. Also glad to see the Mandrian thread finally going somewhere, after all the teases regarding him. I’m glad the dwarf joined the cast as well, should make for some fun character interactions. My one compliant is that there was no Pepper Potts. I would’ve like to see how she’s handling everything at the moment. I suspect, however, that we’ll find out sooner than later . . .

  9. I enjoy this title as well.I wasn’t going to drop this book just because of the Fear Itself tie in which I thought was good.

  10. This was a killer issue, just really good. I enjoyed the fear itself tie in okay but it wasn’t as good as the series had been IMO, this issue was right back on track and it barely skipped a beat. Also I like the introduction of split lip to the supporting cast but I can’t say I’m loving the cursing in runes anymore, getting kind of tedious for me.

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