The fight everyone’s been waiting for: Hulk vs. Banner!

Plus, Banner unleashes an army of Hulked-out monsters!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Whilce Portacio
Cover by Leinil Francis Yu

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. Issue #3’s cover made me think I was going to see (atleast the start of) Hulk vs. Banner but no, so I wont be surprised if I have to wait till issue #5. Any way the story has been fresh so far and I am looking foward to see where it is going.

  2. For some reason, I keep forgetting that Aaron is writing this title, and every month when I see his name on the book, I get excited all over again.

  3. This book has been nuts. Aaron writing an all-out monster-fest. Awesome. Love all the new characters he’s throwing in.

  4. im not tottally on board yet im hoping to be with this issue

  5. what’s going on with silvestri is he off the book for good?

  6. I’m really digging what Aaron is doing with the Hulk so far.

  7. I’m giving it till the end of this arc but I have a feeling I will be dropping this shortly after. Not clicking for me. 3/5

  8. 4.5 for me and I enjoyed this issue except for the fact that the Hulk vs Banner really did not seem to get to the full potential of the way it was solicted as. This was like the pre-fight shove at best and all of Banner’s pose in Hulk’s face and all of a sudden banner gives him a sucker push. Next issue I hope we ring the bell and get ready to RUMBLLLLEEEEEEE!


  9. The book dropped severely in my ratings. I enjoyed the art tremendously and this issue was flat. The story…wait, what story? I loved the finale of 3 with the brothers, but this had no emotional impact at all. I’ll give it a few more but it better get better fast!

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