• Bruce Banner’s beasts “The Boar Brothers” bash Hulk in a literally Earth-Shaking Battle!

• Banner reveals his new army!

• Hulk makes an alliance with mad scientist hunter Amanda Von Doom that changes his destiny forever.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Marc Silvestri
Colors by Sunny Gho
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Cover by Marc Silvestri, Joe Weems & Sunny Gho

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’m loving what Marvel has been doing lately…giving pretty big name characters to huge creators and just letting them do their own thing with them. This, Punisher, Daredevil, Moon Knight are great examples of this. It’s good that we don’t have a title whose premise is how the character ties into the universe status quo, but is instead rooted in whatever the hell the creator feels like rooting the character into. It’s how real originality flourishes.

  2. Agreed. Marvel is doing a lot right right now!

  3. This pairing of Aaron and Silvestri is great. I’m no Hulk fan but I’m signed up to this!

  4. I know Silvestri is a huge name, but the art on this book is just not doing it for me. I find it very confusing and over done. I was excited about Aaron’s writing but if his keeps up I’m sad to say that I’ll drop it.

  5. This issue was meh. Not bad but I’m just not feeling hulk as some sort of smart self-reliant super hero. Just wish I could have a hulk book with dumb as dirt hulk just punching things in fun and interesting ways. 3.5/5 Dropped

  6. Ugg… Kinda wish I wasn’t buying this for my cousin as it comes out, in my opinion it’s gone downhill from the first issue, and I hate to buy $3.99 comics that I don’t think are good, even if I am getting the money paid back later. Sends a bad message to Marvel.

  7. 4.5 and really liking the direction with Banner and Hulk seperated. The artwork is very detailed and enjoying the action with one question; is The Hulk weaker without Banner?? Or is Banners other Hulk creations that much stronger?


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