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• Hulk continues to STAY ANGRY in Jason Aaron’s highly anticipated new story arc!

• To do so, the green goliath picks some fights… on the ocean floor and in space!!!


Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Tom Raney
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Shane Davis & Mark Morales

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.3
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  1. Dropped after last issue. Held on as long as I could, but i’m done until Aaron is off the book.

  2. Yeah, I’m not sure who is “highly anticipating” this story. I’ve been craving some great Hulk action comics lately, and I’m not finding ’em. Pity with the Avengers movie having so many potential new fans waiting in the wings…

  3. Cancelling this with issue 12.
    Originally got into this one for the art.

    That obviously didn’t work out.

  4. I’m baffled by the three comments that came before mine, I’m loving this!

    • Amazing how different people’s tastes are! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

    • Oh, very much! On the beginning I had a hard time accepting the fact the Bruce Banner is basically a villain now…

      But I think it’s an exciting take on the Hulk we haven’t seen before. I’m on while Aaron is around!

    • It just a diffrent Hulk for what people are used to, this Hulk likes to talk things out and sex in the middle of a street.

  5. I don’t know how much longer I can look at the bald Hulk, it creeps me out!

  6. Jr. Wormwood makes a very good point about new readers coming into the Hulk books from the movie.

    Besides the Bendis/Bagley book (if they can find it amongst the other Avengers clutter on the shelves) there is little to get someone expecting to find a book with The Hulk in it like the movie portrays things. And even then …

  7. I can sincerely and genuinely say that this series has been nothing but a shambles from issue number 1. Never was a Silvestri fan to begin with, but had much prospects in the Aaron writing The Incredible Hulk department! Well , turned out it’s not his thing after all. I prefer the actual Red Hulk series by Jeff Parker!

    This is going to be the first series to be dropped by myself in a very long while, it’s just not worth the money! Dropping FF and the sorry excuse for an Avengers title Avengers Assemble as well (another useless and ineffective production).

    • I agree COMPLETELY! I dropped FF when the Fantastic Four came back, Incredible hulk looks like a damn green bald smurf. The Cover depicts hair but he is bald inside. More proof that the covers are done long before the inside art. I really want to like this.. I mean look at cover to #1, thats the Incredible hulk I hunger for, thats what I want him to look like. He has no popped veins at all, Hulk Stay Angry.. LOL, Green Smurf! I don’t think I can handle this much longer.

      And I am reading Red Hulk again now that my favorite artist is on it! I am enjoying that book. Change him to green and I will be happy.

  8. I thought with #7.1 Jason Aaron tapped into the manic fun of his Wolverine and the X-Men run. This arc hasn’t done that as successfully but for me it comes close, and there is great potential for that to continue, especially in #11 and #12.

  9. The initial 7 issue run was a disaster. I think that is a documented fact, with Silvestri having health problems almost right away throwing the art into a mad death spiral. I think (hope) this effected the writing as well, as it was well below most Aaron I have read. This new take of reverse anger has been intriguing, but as much as I love Steve Dillon (and I do love his stuff) that was another art trainwreck last issue. Guess the Hulk is just not his bag, baby. I am cautiously optimistic that Tom Raney can at least right the art ship and give Aaron’s story a chance. I don’t mind bald Hulk as a concept, just the execution so far.

  10. Unlike many of you I loved issues 1-7. It was my first trial run with the Hulk and it was a ton of fun. I dropped it at issue 8 due to the art not the story. Based on your comments I think I might wait until the next arc before picking it up again.

    • I agree i hate the art on this book but i am sticking with it as i do love jason aaron but if the next artist is not too my liking i am going to drop

  11. “Why in the world would there be bears on a space station? Because God hates me, that’s why.”
    “That tree just ate that bear.”
    “Tonight I will eat grilled American and make love to many bears…”

    Holy crap, I really loved this issue! I thought the art was good, but maybe that’s just because I was expecting something worse? Anyway, hoping this is a move in a better direction.

  12. This arc is getting old quick. last issue was bad and this one was just stupid. Aaron, figure out where you are going with this or just get off the toilet. This series started so great and now Hulk is fighting Russian bears in space? NO! If this doesn’t get better It is getting dropped with The Mighty Thor

  13. I almost dropped this after the horrible drug dealing Mexican man-dog issue. Wow that was bad. I must admit though, I am curious to find out what Banner’s endgame is. I want to see what he’s going to do with a lycanthrope finger, a magic Atlantean hillbilly rock, and a piece of semi-sentient Russian space metal.

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