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Helena Bertinelli takes a trip to Naples, Italy, but she’s not there on holiday. As her alter ego, the Huntress, she’s uncovered a human trafficking and gun-smuggling ring that only scratches the surface of Mafioso activity!

With no backup, no safety net, can this one-woman wrecking crew clean up the mean streets of this ancient city?

Written by PAUL LEVITZ

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kingdomofevan11/10/11NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Wasn’t gonna… but slow week…

  2. kudos for removing that stupid stomach opening in Huntress’ costume

  3. I love anything Huntress…

  4. Anyone else think this Huntress will turn out to be Helena…. Wayne?!

    If this ties into the new Earth 2, I think that’s the direction this will go. I noticed the name Bertinelli was never mentioned in issue 1.

    • That would be really cool. I could really enjoy some Earth-2 stories.

    • I think that would probably be pretty boring actually.

    • They mentioned in one of those end of issue All Access pages a few weeks back that Huntress had some sort of connection with Earth-2, so I think that’s a good bet.

    • It’s Helena Bertinelli. If you look back through issue #1, her full name was shown on her Press ID.

    • I think making her a Wayne is not the best thing for the character in my opinion. Everyone and their dog is related to Bruce Wayne it seems.

      Not to mention the logistics of Bruce having a middle aged daughter and a pre-teen son would wreak all sorts of continuity havoc.

      I say let the character stand on her own. An avenging ex-mob princess is a simple enough foundation for the character. No need to introduce anything to complicate things.

      In my opinion at least.

    • I agree with JNewcomb on this one.

  5. Last issue was solid, not amazing but good enough for me to pick up this issue.

  6. I liked the first issue and Huntress it had plenty of action and it is keeping me on board.

    Just sayin’,


  7. I liked it. Nothing special though.

  8. Marcus To’s art is beautiful. He reminds me of a young Salvador Larocca, before his art got all crappy.

  9. 3/5. I got the same reaction as JNewcomb did, as it just slowly moved along the story, but added a teaser at the end to see who the mastermind is, but alas it will be revealed in later issues

  10. Gave it a 4, this mini is just so much fun to read and the artwork is very pleasing to the eyes. Huntress has got some really good eyes, look at that shot!

    Just sayin,’


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