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Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)’s hysterical extension of her multiple award-winning web series continues with this brand-new story!

Since discovering role-playing games, Cyd Sherman spends more and more time in-game as the healer Codex. As her boyfriend ignores her in favor of his fledgling band and her therapist questions whether or not she has “real” friends, Cyd decides to form her own group within the game after meeting Clara, who teaches her about reputation points, and Zaboo, who introduces her to “friending” within the game.

Detailing the never-before-told origin of The Knights of Good, this is essential reading for fans of the show, and a great jumping-on point for readers new to The Guild. And don’t miss season three of the show at!

* Named “One of the Net’s Best Serial Shows” by Rolling Stone!

Writer: Felicia Day
Artist: Jim Rugg
Cover Artist: Kristian Donaldson

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.6%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I loved the first issue, I even gave it a 5/5 and it was nearly my POTW. So I hope this continues to be good. Great cover, too.

  2. Gyah, this makes two #2s coming out this week where I haven’t read #1 yet.

  3. …of books where I own #1… Realized that didn’t make much sense.

  4. So did this actually come out today?  My local shop didn’t have it and said it’s a couple weeks away.

  5. My LCS didnt have it either…gotta make some calls tomorrow.

  6. No dice in mine. I saw Dark Horse post that some states didn’t get them.

  7. My shop didn’t get it

  8. My shop also did not receive it. No bueno.

  9. Thursday, I went to another shop that’s less than 5 minutes from mine and they had a huge stack…  Not sure if they got them in today, or if the shipping was just really spotty.

  10. this was fantastic!  My shop had both variants.

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