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What’s an enterprising, demonic witch doctor and former mob boss of the undead to do when he finds himself down on his luck? Witchcraft for hire, of course. The Zombie Priest, now going under the alias of Mr. Corpus, proves there’s no keeping a good fiend down and he’s still more than willing to make trouble for the Goon!

* Includes a black and white Goon short illustrated by Mark Buckingham (Fables).

* The Zombie Priest is back!

* Now monthly!

Writer: Eric Powell
Artist: Eric Powell & Mark Buckingham
Colorist: Eric Powell
Cover Artist: Eric Powell

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 2.4%


  1. Thinking about picking this up. What’s a good place to do that?

  2. Start anywhere, this issue would be great. I think most or all of The Goon has been one-and-done stories, easy to jump into. I highly recommend this book, always great and very unique.

  3. Loved it. My Pick of the Week.

  4. Oh god, seeing Buckingham do Goon was amazing! Both stories were great!

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