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  1. yeh, my first actual good comic purchase.  I’m fucking amped!!!


  3. YEAH! Haven’t seen this in so long.

  4. I hear that. The dethklok crossover didnt really do it for me, and its just been too long.

  5. Can someone explain how The Goon works? Does this issue mark the beginning of a new arc that will eventually be collected in a trade or what? Because I read issues 28-32 and felt like I was catching the tail end of a bigger story.

  6. @Simmons 

    I started at 32 so I feel your pain. 

    #19-31 are apparently a year long story arc. #32 was an anniversary one shot (which had me a bit confused because of some fanservice). This is just another one-shot that anyone should be able to follow along. 

  7. Yeah, after the last arc (which was a long story following up on the entirety of the series thus far and the CHINATOWN graphic novel), I think Powell is telling some one-off stories for a bit.


    I love this book and Powell is definitely at the top of his game. I’m actually surprised it doesn’t have more pulls.  Do alot of people read this in trades or is it just not-popular with this board’s users/people in general?

  8. I would guess that its just not popular with this community.

  9. wow 19-31 was an arc, dang. I do enjoy this world Powell has created

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