This issue, the spotlight turns toward the Middle East and sinister forces that wish to get their hands on their very own Nuclear Men! But what is the mysterious connection to Ronnie and Jason?

Plus, as the action explodes into all-out meltdown, the boys will have to deal with a wounded friend before time runs out!


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  1. Will this be the issue that turns readers around? I hate being the only person loving this book!

    • I feel that way about Blue Beetle where more people should be loving it…This book has gotten better the last few issues I’m still on the fence about it. I’m still not crazy about the concept of Fury I’m probably going to stick it out for the first story. I really love Firestorm as a character.

    • I want to love this book and there’s some things I do love about it but some of the scripting is really not great for me. I like the concept a lot and Firestorms always been one of the few dc characters that I dug but I dunno somethings a little off, at least in my opinion.

    • @Natebot, I agree with you something a little off to me too. What do you guys think of the concept of them becoming Fury? I still think it’ll be alot of fun when it cross over with Teen titans. It may not matter much I just looked at the sales numbers from november on icv2 alot of the books i’m loving in the DC relaunch are not doing great:
      OMAC 22,572
      Shade 21,431
      Men of War 21,393
      Blue Beetle 24,851
      Grifter 26,822
      Frankenstein 28,681
      Firestorm 28489
      It really wondering what it’ll take to keep these books alive?

    • You’re not the only one, I really like this book. I think it’s an interesting tone: super-hero meets international espionage thriller. the concept of Firestorms being the new black market weapon of choice is really interesting. The book is like a summer blockbuster movie in comics form. Very cool.

  2. *sorry forgot words* It really makes me wonder what it’ll take to keep these books alive?

    • those numbers are fine. People keep bringing up everything as if it is about to get cancelled when the cancel numbers for DC have always been around 11,000-13,000. Even with a slight bump, which Didio confirmed, it would probably be around 15,000 or so. Didio said that he has planned out OMAC to issue 16 or 17 currently and based off the sales figures he is not even concerened about not getting there. Go listen to the wordballoon interview with Paul Cornell, he laughs at the thought of any of the 52 getting cancelled currently and can’t imagine why people are afraid.

    • Thanks, thats good to know i figured that these books would be around for a 1 or 2 at least. I hadn’t gotten to that word balloon podcast yet.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing not one but two “new” firestorms in this issue. The further development of the origins for the protocols, Jason’s girl Tonya, and Zither make this a book that stays on my pull list. I have never read any old Firestorm except for Blackest Night appearances, and this new take on a multitude of Firestorms and nuclear weapons is fresh and exciting, especially considering how rather current the setting mimics the real world.

    • Yeah. I’m loving it, and for some reason people are still bringing up the racism from issue one even though Ronnie and Jason are learning to work together despite hating each other. And it looks like Zither’s plan will more than likely split them up just as they were starting to accept their partnership.

  4. Believe it or not I picked it up anyway and well it was the first issue in this title that I can say I actually liked. I also heard thru the grape vine that the name on this title will be changing and some other things will be happening. I hope that this is the case, go Ronnie and Stein!! There should only be one!! Got my fingers crossed and I will be back next month!!


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