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The Flash gets pulled into the Speed Force that gives him his super-speed powers…and he learns he’s not alone in there!

Introducing Turbine, a prisoner of the Speed Force who just wants out – even if it means trading places with The Flash!

Written by Brian Buccellato & Francis Manapul
Pencilled by Francis Manapul
Inked by Francis Manapul
Color by Brian Buccellato
Cover by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 4.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Yay Flash! I’m excited to see Buccellato and Manapul’s take on the speed force.

    Has anyone been keeping track of which New 52 books have yet to need a fill-in? I think this, Batman and Batman and Robin are the only ones I’m reading that have had the same creative team for every issue. Any others?

  2. This book is always near the top of my stack. Manapul manages to give each issue enough story to make them stand on their own, and at the same time, he dangles enticing cliffhangers that make me anticipate each issue.

  3. Flash has been so good, and I’m really looking forward to Brian Buccellato & Francis Manapul’s take on GRODD,

  4. After the too drawn out first arc, i’m pretty jazzed to get all these punchy one shot style issues, plus the idea of a Tuskegee Airman stuck in the Speed Force sounds AWESOME:)

  5. I’m guessing (based on the previous story line) that Turbine hates The Flash because it was Flash’s fault that he’s trapped in the Speed Force.Of course, the real question is…how do they get back?

  6. Turbine? Really? Ugh. I enjoy this title, but so far Manapul hasn’t impressed me with his original villains. Between this guy and Man-E-Faces or Army of One (whatever he/they was/were called), the names at the very least leave something to be desired. Let’s get some Rogue action again. Or if that’s too soon, some Grodd.

    • @WheelHand – Maybe you should wait and see how the new Turbine character is ‘spun’ before placing yourself into a ‘whirlwind’ of dismay.

    • @Kmanifesto: Well done!

      @WheelHands: In a book with characters called Captain Cold, Weather Wizard, Heatwave and Mirror Master, the name Turbine fits right in to me.

    • @Kmanifesto: Haha. Nicely put. I would hardly call it dismay. Like I said, I’ve really enjoyed the title for the most part. I’m not goin anywhere. So far, I’m unimpressed with some of Manapul’s original story ideas. That’s all. If Turbine ends up rocking my world, you’ll be the first to hear me dining on my foot.

    • @KenOchalek: There’s an element of nostalgia that goes along with those Silver Age names. It doesn’t work by today’s standards. If a creator came up with a character called Weather Wizard today, I’d groan and roll my eyes about that too.

    • It’s also been confirmed that Weather Wizard will be coming in a few issues. There are already a few pics of his new design online.

  7. This book is comic book sex to my brain and senses every month since #1! This team is to the Flash what Snyder/Capullo are for Batman at the moment! Pure gold!

    • @KillTheG1mp stated, “This book is comic book sex to my brain and senses…”

      Just to sprinkle a little perspective, you should check out Alan Moore’s Lost Girls. It’s my hunch, that if you feel that way toward this Flash series, we may never hear from you again after a visit with Moore’s take on Alice, Wendy and Dorothy.

    • LOL I heard of Lost Girls, not super hyped about the concept though, I don’t particularly like tales about characters from the litterature/culture that meet or whatever.

      Though I love Frankenstein agent of S.H.A.D.E. by Lemire, I think it’s an exception.

    • Lost Girls is not good.

  8. Manapaul’s writing has not clicked with me. The art keeps pulling me in… but maybe for not much longer.

  9. The Flash (Barry) has always been my favorite superhero since the very begining!! The first three comics I read were The Flash, JLofA and Green Lantern (Hal). Right now I would like to say all three of those books are on top right now; as it should be. The artwork has been fun and after the first story arc things have now really picked up, I was a little tired with the first villian and then the Capt.Cold was a real pick me up!! I really hope Barry does not get stuck in the speed force and we get through this whole thing where his powers are disturbing the fabric of time; a one and done for this arc would be perfect.
    I would like to see how they translate his powers and the speed force in this new DCU though; just make it quick (no pun intended)! BWAAAH-HAHA-HAHA-HA!!


  10. That was the weakest issue of the series yet. I lost interest several times while reading it and went to do something else. That never happened with issues 1-7.

    And I was disappointed with the twist about the speed force. Now when Barry runs, it actually helps drain the excess energy of the speed force and prevent damage? It was a lot more compelling when Barry had to limit his speed. Now the tension of the fight with Cold from #6 and 7 seems meaningless.

    I wanted this issue to be really great, but I ended up disappointed. Here’s hoping #9 can recapture the fun of the previous issues.

  11. Last few pages saved this from the chopping block. Not impressed with the choice of villains in this series (with the exception of Captain Cold) but I can’t say no to Grodd.

  12. Another great Flash comic, yay! The layout of the panels inside the speed force made the claustrophobic scene much more enjoyable to read. Of course the art is still great. That’s my main attraction to this comic. The villians so far have been hit and miss. Captain Cold was probably the best one so far. Turbine is alright. He may not be a villain we’ll remember a year from now. But, he gives us more insight into what’s going on with the speed force and progresses The Flash into the plot for the next issue.

  13. GRODD!!

    @Kmanifesto: Still not sold on Turbine. Is it ok to place myself into a “whirlwind of dismay”?

  14. so the flash is a flowmaster? ok. cool.
    solid 4stars.
    more grodd, please.

  15. The artwork continues to be so different and I like the way it flows, so smooth and just refreshing; does that make sense?
    Turbine was kinda of cool, really felt kinda like he was there just to make sense of the speed force rather than being an actual character that will be around for to much longer. Instead of the usual flow of what we remember of the speed force they just tweeked a little and to do that, Turbine made a nice flow into it. I gave this a solid 5 and almost finished with a POW however, there is one title for me that took the cake this week…Aquaman!


  16. I hate the whole concept of the speed force but loved this issue. Who would have thought that possible, not me.

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