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• Flash forward in time as Barry Allen goes to extreme measures to defeat Grodd!

• Barry uses the Speed Mind to glimpse the future, and things are not looking good for him and the Rogues.

• And that’s before things get much, much worse!

Story by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Marcus To & Ryan Winn
Colors by Brian Buccellato
Cover by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Price: $2.99
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CaseyJustice01/03/13NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. I am kind of surprised to hear myself say this but I might be dropping this soon. Nothing is happening, I love the art every month, but, I also feel like I have been reading the same book month after month after month. Is this the new 52 editing decision. It’s a bad one and I’ve dropped more books than I would ever have thought possible. I miss the other speedsters, I really miss Wally, I miss Jay, I even miss Max. And I especially miss Iris. It seems like Barry is unfocused and has nobody to turn to. And too many dangling loose ends. Sorry, the art is not enough to cut it.

    • I’m with you. Flash is what got me started back in comics, but I’m at least thinking of waiting for trades. Too many plot lines, so it makes it seem like nothing progresses. Barry had a vision, Daniel west got knocked out by a gorilla, and everyone else keeps fighting. Patty’s revelation that Barry is flash came and went with almost no emotional impact.

  2. Dunno how you can say nothing is happening when the current arc has Central City being invaded by Grodd’s army, before that there was Rogue war, and before that Barry got trapped in the Speed Force and faked his death. This is the title I look to the most every month (Hellboy might soon change that), but if you said the story is moving too slow or there’s not enough characterization then I’d have a hard time disagreeing. As it is, I think there’s plenty happening and those lingering plot threads are gonna be handled down the line. All the best tv shows (and some bad ones) use this story model to keep interest in a show to build a story. Just my 2 cents, sorry to hear another Flash fan (might) dropped this book.

    • I completely agree with this sentiment. I cannot understand how people say how the writing is slow/boring, or that characterization is lacking. Seriously its a pretty good book. I love it and everytime i feel like jumping ship i am reminded that this book is awesome. I’m looking forward to the upcoming “Patty Spivot finds out Barry’s alive.” I really wanna see what happens then. And will Iris and the others escape the speed force? All this and more is what keeps me coming back.

    • Thank you! I didn’t pick up my copy today because I noticed #16 comes out on the 30th so I was hoping to double my Flash reading this month, but I don’t know if I can wait that long. The twist with Solovar last issue was unbelievable.

  3. The pacing on this book is killing me. One page of the rogues? Nothing about Iris? Barry knocked out for the whole issue…again?? There’s simultaneously too much and not enough going on. Frustrating.

    • I agree. It’s been really inconsistent. I love the art but the focus is all over the place. For me, there has just been too many mediocre issues.

  4. I’m loving this title each and every month…..My POTW just for the last few pages of artwork alone…..but the rest of the issue is great as well, a great twist involving Grodd & the Speedforce.

  5. Not a bad issue but I am just not a fan of Grodd. Talking Gorillas? Can’t wait for this story arc to wrap up so we can move on.

  6. I’m done. The writing team is trying to do too much and it’s causing for the slow pace and thin story telling. I just have no interest in the title left, and I’m sorry to be dropping it because I really wanted a good Flash book. I’ll hop back on when a new creative team comes on.

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