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• “GORILLA WARFARE” starts here!

• Gorilla Grodd’s army attacks Central City, and The Flash is forced to team up with the Rogues!?

Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Francis Manapul
Cover by Francis Manapul
Variant Cover by Francis Manapul

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. feels like i’ve been waiting years for this story to continue…

  2. New 52 was needing more Apes, I’m happy Manapul could oblige. More man-eating floor punching apes!

  3. This book feels so scrambled and doesn’t have a clear purpose. I wish the writing matched the fantastic art.

  4. I agree with above. I was into the book for the wild art and some new ideas of the Flash, but I haven’t felt like there was a payoff. I dropped this book last issue. Why is there still so many pulls? What am I missing?

    • Well besides the fantastic art, there are some cool new ideas for the Flash. Rogues with powers, high speed probability factoring, flashfacts, Flash earning Central City’s respect, more flash facts, better understanding of the Speed Force… exhausted. Somebody grab the baton. The writing may not be top notch, but I’ve read much, much worse. So i’m still enjoying this book, in fact I wait until the last possible week to go to my LCS just to get this book along with my other favorites.

    • I’m pulling it because I love Barry Allen and I love the art. This is probably the only book I buy to look at the pictures while skimming the story.

  5. I love this series. Last month #0 issues in DC really threw a wrench into a lot of story lines across the board by halting everything. I will be glad to get the current story lines going again.

  6. Really excited for more of Grodd. Was hoping for more from him and it seems my wish has been granted. Really love the cover, Manapul could draw the dictionary and I’d buy it

  7. The “zero” issue interruption was the last thing this title needed. However, it’s great to be back on track.

    I appreciate there are comments to the contrary, but I’m enjoying the storytelling in this series.

  8. I haven’t picked up Flash since issue #8 or 9…do you think I can jump back in here? Or should I pick up the Annual first?

  9. You should be fine without the annual but it is definitely worth picking up.

  10. The last 3 or 4 issues were kind of strange plot-wise but I feel like everything is set up now to have a really entertaining run. Like others have said as well, I’ll continue to buy this book for the art alone.

  11. I’m out. Let me know if he ever saves those poor sons of bitches from the Speed Force.

    • He will most likely the next arc, he’s been busy with Rogues for the last couple issues and now Grodd has got him in a messy situation…be patient

  12. I may be a minority.. But I really love the STORY.. AND.. the art. I guess its because I realize all of these cliffhangers and dangling plot points…all have a greater purpose. (Geoff Johns and Snyder do it constantly ….Harper Row anyone?) CAN’T WAIIIIIIIIT FOR GW TO START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • you’re not, I love both. but I gotta give the art an edge, nobody I’ve seen so far can argue with that.

    • To me the whole Ape war is really lame and I wish he’d address the other missing elements in the story. He took on too much in my opinion and wish he addressed the Rogues, winning the city over, starting a new life, and the speed force issues one at a time. Or do a Remender which is 5 issue arcs address smaller stories that all pay off to like a 30 issue major story.

    • I’m with you CrimsonBlur, love the story & art!

      Manapul & Buccellato have shown they have a definite style in how they present and link several minor stories into the overall arcs over time. They showed that in the first 5 issues, and have been doing it well ever since. I have no doubt that the minor sub-plots involving Darryl, Patty, Iris in the Speedforce, Turbine, The Rogues, etc. are all going to play out over time. I am loving the new Grodd and the new Rogues!! The art is AWESOME, as could only be expected from Manapul!!

      (@jpriester……Francis Manapul’s name is Francis Manapul, Rick Remender’s name is Rick Remender, therefore…..Manapul is NOT Remender, Remender is NOT Manapul. ….and not appreciating Apey Goodness in any form? THAT is lame.)

    • @IthoSapien: I agree the art does have an edge over the writing as well, I also love how the art tells the story in Flash as well (Even more so when they do things like add “DC COMICS PRESENTS…. THE FLASH!” into the enviroment ).

      @jpriester: A comic fan that doesnt love APE WARS? EVEN PHYCIC TALKING GORRILLASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS?!??!?!?!? The sad world you live in (lol jk, different strokes for different folks as they say)

      @Jon Q. Citizen: I love the new Rouges as well, I love that Manapul/Buccellato made it so the Rouges use to still have guns/tech, BUT due to the GR gained real powers….It was easier for me to accept the change knowing they had been the pre-52 versions I loved at some point in the new timeline.

  13. Woah… Trickster! You could feel that wasn’t going to go well before turning the page.

  14. Was that red headed guy who I think he was? Could it be Wally?!?

  15. Loved it. I may be a bit sick in the head but laughed when Grodd ripped Tricksters arm off. And what’s the deal with Frye?

    • You’d hope Flash would find him in time to rush him to a hospital… reattach the arm somehow? Otherwise if Trickster DOES manage to live…. he’s going to have to pull a Arsenal/Speedy.

  16. The team up of Flash and The Rogues was pretty awesome, and what happened to Trickster was sick! It does help to show what an animal Grodd truly is. And Captain Frye? Oh, he is so full of it!

    Please check my mini-review of The Flash #13 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  17. Do they ever plan on removing the “The NEW 52!” moniker? Less is more.

  18. I am still really loving this series. Not only do we get Gorilla Warfare now, but after this we get THE REVERSE FLASH!!!

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