A double-size issue to kick off a new sci-fi series from Nathan Edmondson and newcomer Konstantin Novosadov. Haunted by recurring dreams, a boy named Winslow is hunted by mysterious beings and protected by an old traveler. Soon Winslow will realize that what is in his dreams is what the rest of the world has been made to forget–and what strange entities will stop at nothing to erase from his mind.

Story by Nathan Edmondson
Art by Konstantin Novosadov

Price: $3.50
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  1. Dude Konstantin Novosadov is the greatest name ever. Of all time.

  2. Is this an ongoing or limited series?

  3. Wow. Just checked out a preview of this & really dug the artwork. Gonna check the LCS for a copy…

  4. One line sold me on the next issue.

  5. I flipped through the first few pages of this at the store and ended up buying it. Glad I did. Part of me wishes that they had waited a little longer before bringing in the mysterious beings, but overall a strong issue. If my budget holds, I’ll pick up the rest in issues, if not, I’ll definitely be buying the trade.

    Plus, $3.5 for nearly 48 pages of content? That has to be the deal of the week (& honestly, yes, that did play a role in my decision to buy or not). Does anyone know if the remaining issues will be the same or a more standard length?

  6. I thought it was a good, but not great, comicbook. The art is just not to my taste and dare I say it – any good whatsoever. I just prefer artists who can actually draw. Top tip….Go for Dream Thief instead – a much better book all round. However, I’ll see it through to the end ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Anyone noticed that all of the art coming out of image these days is the same scribbled stylised nonsense. ..must be cheap to hammer out

    • I disagree completely. I mean, I’ll give you Peter Panzerfaust and Manhattan Projects for featuring looser artwork, but are you reading Nowhere Men, Fatale, East of West, Thief of Thieves or Saga?

    • It’s not just Image. This is a horrid contagion that’s been spreading through comics for years. I’ve been saying for EVER โ€“ comix just ain’t what they used to be, like back when Kirby & those other dudes ran shop. We gotta get a petition together & get these guys off the panels. Gabriel Bรก, Darwyn Cooke, Brandon Graham, those Adventure Time schmucks! Where is the anatomy, the detail? You gonna hide under the blanket of “style”? You know what style we need? DC house style or bust, baby!!!

      Oh, this guy’s doing his own colors too? Oh. That’s… okay, that’s mildly impressive.

    • In all earnestness though, @Wee, like you mentioned in your first post, this just comes down to preference. For me, if you can convey action/theme/atmosphere/emotion in a style I haven’t seen before โ€“ I’d take that any day over a stock superhero artist. I lean more “cartoony” or eclectic. That’s just my personal taste. Not yours; & that’s cool.

      It might not take as many man-hours for this dude to draw & ink a page as it does Jim Lee, etc โ€“ but that doesn’t invalidate him as a cartoonist. Again, your art preference is completely valid, man, (before anyone jumps on me for trying to stifle your individuality) but to call this stuff “nonsense” (which it isn’t; dude has a grasp of sequential storytelling & anatomy & so on) seems a little bit off.

      I really dug this artwork btw. Not sure if the writing was quite working for me, but whatevs.

  8. Never my intention to be cruel to anyone in the medium I love, but I do remember when pencilers were described as artists and not cartoonists. One or two titles like this I can take, but it’s increasing exponentially and appears to be the driving force behind Image …churn them out. It hurts my wallet because I’m addicted

    • @Wee ~ And really, I didn’t mean to go off on a tirade, man. (Sorry. Caught me on a bad work week.)

      This actually could be an interesting discussion though, as the styles of comic books (especially creator-owned) start to open up & become diversified from the standard. I see a lot more of almost an Emily Carroll or one of BOOM’s Cartoon Network series genre influences than, say, the traditional superhero/crime comic here in Novosadov’s work. Maybe the question is more about expectation โ€“ in how well it’s suited to the script & also to the audience it’s potentially reaching…

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