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• WHAT are the Death Celestials?

• WHY do they want to destroy EVERYTHING?

• HOW can the Defenders even HOPE to stop them?

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Jamie Mckelvie
Cover by Joe Quinones

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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. The solicit didn’t get it right; cover by the Dodsons, interior art by Mirco Pierfederci. I was disappointed to not get more McKelvie art, and I didn’t really dig Pierfederci’s stuff very much. The art started off alright, but the back half of the issue started to feel pretty rough and rushed.

    Is this the penultimate issue of the series? It’s coming to an end, right? I’ve enjoyed this series, due in part to the strong art (Michael Lark!). I like that Fraction is playing with the underpinning of the Marvel U, but my favorite moments in the series have been the little things. *spoiler* Betty kissing SIlver Surfer in this issue. Everyone tripping with Black Panther on the floor of the palace in Wakanda. Dr. Strange’s screwed up relationships…

  2. Holy shit, imagine if this was a real retcon. God I am gonna miss this series. I hope this Pierderici get’s more work.

  3. Art was only ok, I miss the Dodsons, Mckelvie, and Lark. Storywise, this issue was great…really bringing it together. I’m a little sad to see this go. My favorite thing Fraction has done besides Hawkeye.

  4. Sorry to see this title go.

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