The work of Alan Moore (WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA, THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN) during the 1980s is a benchmark for great stories with fresh approaches to iconic characters.

Collected in this volume are all of Moore’s Superman and Batman stories, including ACTION COMICS #583, BATMAN ANNUAL #11, BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, DC COMICS PRESENTS #85, DETECTIVE COMICS #549-550, GREEN LANTERN #188, THE OMEGA MEN #26-27, SECRET ORIGINS #10, SUPERMAN #423, TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS ANNUAL #2 & 3, SUPERMAN ANNUAL #11 and VIGILANTE #17-18, plus VOODOO #1-4, DEATHBLOW: BY BLOWS #1-3 and more!

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  1. Is this just the old collection with added Wildstorm?

  2. I’ll stick with my old copy. Not a bad cover for this one, but I like the Brain Bolland cover the older release more.

  3. It’s the old collection plus wildstorm and killing joke and it’s in hardcover. Really DC should have started with this years ago, instead of giving us two different trades before this. Oh well, DC and there terrible trade department.

  4. @MrGlass – you’re right about the Wildstorm stories being added to this collection. However, Killing Joke was & has always been included – hence why Bolland did the cover for the older tpb

  5. Jesus, so many versions of this.

    First version without Killing Joke and Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow.

    Second version, when DC was going to let the Killing Joke go out of print and added it to this trade. They then decided that was stupid and starting making copies of the Killing Joke again.

    New version with Wildstorm…

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