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• The last stand of the Red Hulk…?

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Walt Simonson
Cover by Walt Simonson

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  1. But I dont want Red Hulk to die.

    • Neither do I.

    • Hulk writer Jeff Parker said he would be moving into an interesting new position as part of Marvel Now, so I think we can assume he won’t die here.

    • probably be in Hulk agents of SMASH

    • Hulk will be Re-titled Red She-Hulk (Which I will still keep on buying being a completist) And it will still be written by Jeff Parker. Hopefully the Red Hulk will still somehow pop up again in the series somewhere.

    • I’m hoping that Rulk moves on to something big soon, though I kind of don’t want him to be in Hulk: Agents of SMASH. That title’s a bit too goofy for me. As for Red She-Hulk, I heard about that, and I’m not getting it. I just don’t really care for the character.

    • I read Avengers #28, it was good. I really do NOT want Rulk to die, that would be terrible. He’s a complex and intriguing character. I hope that his next book is as good as what Parker did.

  2. Bendis tried something different with his story telling again in this issue. He has a fascination with telling his stories as a passive narration which runs almost separate from the active illustrations. In past comics he’s used post-action interview voice overs (which I found annoying for a comic book), but here he basically presents the story as an illustrated short story where most of the text is wholly separated from the wordless art, in a similar form as an illustrated book (but with far less text). I’m growing tired of paying for Bendis’ narrative experiments in monthly mainstream superhero books like the Avengers. I can see how this might fit with some readers’ aesthetics, but it just felt cold and lifeless to me. As for the story itself, I found Ross’ whining about respect and rank to be tiresome quickly, and ridiculous throughout. I also found the comparison between Ross’ actual military rank to Steve Rogers’ ceremonial superhero-name-rank to be silly. Nobody follows Captain America because of his “rank!” And the closing line about Scott Summers having already lost because he didn’t murder Ross when he had him beaten seemed kind of over dramatic and stupid. On the plus side, this book put me to sleep after five pages on my first attempt to read it, and I needed the rest.

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