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One of the greatest Avengers of all time, Vision, has been out of commission for years. Now that he’s returned, he has to make good on promises he made.

The exciting prelude to the Avengers event of the summer!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Brandon Peterson
Cover by Brandon Peterson

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I hope they really do something with the character.

    I know he’s an android, but that doesn’t have to make him boring.

  2. The Vision is one of my all time favorite characters. I really want this issue to be great.

  3. I’m off avengers at the moment, but I might pick this up to see if they do something cool with the Vis.

  4. I found it curious that this Vision wasn’t even a factor in Avengers: Children Crusade, since it dealt with the comeback of Scarlet Witch. Oh well…I guess that this issue is going to accomplish telling the story of their reunion (plus, ACC didn’t need any more busyness).

    • I plan on reading that soon, comicBOOKchris, but from the covers, A:CC looked to have a standing cast of about twenty-three.


    • It’s a good book, but incredibly busy. Besides being a sequel to both Young Avengers and House Of M at the same time, A:CC fought a long and bloody battle to be the most relevant Marvel book on the stands. Heinberg held it down pretty well, though it got pretty nuts with how many things it was tying into.

    • I’m pretty sure A:CC took place before the last Avengers arc and the YA Vision is a completely different character. And I agree this probably deal with their reunion.

  5. Vision seems to be a very cool character and I really have only dabbled into this character through the years. I know about his married life with Scarlet Witch and I believe he was completely destroyed just a few years ago. Well I guess I get to learn a little more and I happy to say bring it on.


  6. A:That’s an awesome cover.
    B: I’m a little confused, are there 2 visions now? One with the Young Avengers, and the main Vision we all know and love?

  7. I’m a sucker for Vision!

  8. Big Vision fan. I have been bored with Dark Bendis. I hope fun Bendis shows up.

  9. I just hope they explain how he is back and I hope it’s a good reason because I was a big fan of the new Vision.

  10. They were down to the display copy and what was in pull-boxes at my store by around noon-ish.

    Glad to see they had such good sell-though on a point-one issue.

    I would guess the AvX completists and people jumping back into A or X for AvX were also among the people who got a copy. I picked up the last one on the shelf, because I haven’t missed an issue of this volume of Avengers yet. And since I subscribe, I don’t get point one issues unless I go to the store.


  11. Bendis should do more one and done issues like this. He’s damn good at it.

  12. This was bad assery all around; liked the artwork very much and as @RoiVampire put it damn good!!


  13. I’m tired of Bendis’ Avengers work, but I admit his writing was far more enjoyable here. Maybe it was the smaller focus, having to write for fewer characters? And/or writing a character-driven one shot, versus months of decompressed plot-driven story. Whatever the reason, yay.

  14. Cool. Fun Bendis did show up. Liked this issue. Thumbs up for an enjoyable read.

  15. It was okay. I just feel the art was a bit off here and there, and Bendis got The Vision’s voice wrong now and then.

    Again, okay, but I expected a bit more.

    3/5 overall.

  16. So much love for this comic. I’m a sucker for touchy-feely, talkie-weepie, character development-heavy superhero stories. Uncanny X-Men 180, with the uber-bonding session between Ororo and Kitty Pryde, is one of my favorite single issues of a comic, if that says anything. I know a lot of people don’t have patience for the “My Dinner With Andre” approach to comic writing, but Avengers 24.1 indulged my inner coffee talk streak and then some. Not to say that there wasn’t action or suspense or any other good stuff. There was! But seeing a whole issue devoted to The Vision (one of my favorite Marvel characters) finding his place in the world again, and seeing it handled with such delicacy, was enormously gratifying. The rooftop interaction between Vision and She-Hulk was worth the price of admission. Cap’s chat with Hawkeye and his newest conquest was pretty great as well. Issues like this are the glue that keep me invested month after month. Welcome back, Vision.

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