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• Hydra makes a play for HAMMER as Norman Osborn tries to take back the Avengers

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Renato Guedes & Jose Wilson Magalhaes
Colors by Jason Keith
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Stuart Immonen

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. This comic is getting a flip through at the shop. If it doesn’t look good, I’m out.

    • Yah I had to drop this. I just wasn’t having fun reading it any more. I will give Avengers a shot when AvX starts.

    • So, I picked it up. It was ok. My lowest rated title of the week.

      I keep coming back b/c I LOVE Storm. I just wish she was an Avenger when the stories were good.

  2. Still subscribing, but I think they’ve overpriced this for the long haul for non-subscribers, unfortunately.

    BMB’s name on an Avengers book is not the guarantee of a sale it once was.

    I personally dig all the Hydra and Dark Avengers stuff because I’m a Marvel nerd, but I can see how other people wouldn’t find the current run earth-shattering.

    That said, I’m about two years behind on Avengers-related titles until my upcoming Major March Catch-Up Marvel Read-a-Thon.

    This could be the last year of the subscriptions. I may be off a few of these books at the end of AvX, or when Bendis leaves, whichever is later.

  3. The story Bendis has going is great, haven’t been disappointed with an Avenger book in ages.
    But i Gota say I don’t like the artist thats done the last issue and this one.
    Where are you Daniel Acuna!?!?!?!!

  4. I’m feeling a bit cold about this arc, gonna ride it out til it’s done and then drop the book I think. Just not that into it.

    Maybe I’ll pick up again once there’s a new writer on board. I like Bendis, but it just all feels a bit stale now, need a fresh perspective on it.

    • tell me about it.
      i want one main avengers book with all the stars in it,
      not 40 with one or two cool heroes in each.

      and the story is very meh.
      dropped it several issues back.

  5. Guedes is okay, but I only signed onto this book because of Acuna. May put this one back on the shelf.

  6. I dropped this series quite a while ago, but I picked up some JRJR- and Bachalo-drawn back issues for really cheap a few weeks ago. It’s a shame this series is A) $3.99 and B) So damn inconsistent, plotwise and artist-wise.

    This feels all over the map and unfocused… when it should actually be Marvel’s flagship title. The early JRJR issues were decent enough, even if they were severely decompressed (especially for 3.99).

    The more I look back on Bendis’s career as an Avengers writer, the more I think he really needed an editor to actually tell him to FOCUS and consolidate his plotlines. He’s written like 200 Avengers comics, and the quality has… varied, to put it kindly. I feel like if he had plotted things out tighter and fit that content into 100 issues, it would have been much, much better. But he didn’t have an editor who wanted him to do that. Instead he has an editor that wants as many 3.99 comics out there as possible, and he doesn’t care how inconsistent the art looks.

  7. Way too many Avengers books, too many re-booted Avengers and just quantity over quality it seems as always for Marvel. I want to follow one really good Avengers title that means something in the Marvel U not one of all kinds and they seem to be confused and well just really meaningless. I will drop this after this issue unless it is seriously, seriously great otherwise I am going to give Avengers Assemble a try which again will be another Avengers title. I followed the Avengers off and on due to this problem since the 90’s and it appears Marvel does not even care what happens here. So I wanna stick with Marvel’s flagship book which should be The Mighty Avengers(The Avengers) however they do not treat it as such what a shame!!


    • If Marvel didn’t care about something, they wouldn’t keep publishing it. That has been very apparent lately.

    • Good point! Than I guess they just do not realize what is going on here? It just seems again, way to many Avengers titles and now because of the movie they will add another to capitolize on it; which is only natural. I do can’t even keep track to what is relevent in the Marvel U?? Maybe I am missing the bigger picture??


    • @Flash923: Marvel knows what’s going on in all of their books, especially their most high profile books written by their most popular writer.

  8. Conor- Well then what is going on here in Avengers?? It seems to me there is now finally a story arc I think still gonna see what happens in this issue tonight before I write this off completlly. Brian Bendis is a very good writer and I have followed him many other comics as well however; since the cross over with fearitself it just seems to have fallen back a little. I really expect this to be the best of the best when I purchase The Avengers…. Last issue which I am finally recalling in my head had some neat little ideas and I was very much intrested however; every time I try and follow my beloved Marvel superhero team it usually crashes to the ground. Anyway you are probably right and they are very aware of what is going on and it probably is a better story arc than I think. Although it’s my opinion to make after all. I am routing for this title believe me I am a huge Avengers fan and they are the reason I stuck with Marvel for years and Spidey as well.

    Avengers Assemble!!


  9. This story arc is not doing it for me. I feel like every issue is the same. This felt a little different than before only because I can’t believe the reader is supposed to accept that a President would act as portrayed in the story. I can accept magic, aliens, and super powers, but I can’t stomach that.

    I really hope Marvel changes things up big time in the Avengers. I would love to see a West Coast Avengers title and would like to see one of Avengers or New Avengers go away. Cosmic Avengers would be incredible – have a group of heavy hitters take a preemptive stance against the Brood, Skrulls, or Badoon.

  10. I agree that there are too many Avengers titles, because they’re not all good. They were all solid for awhile,but in the past couple months some have fallen apart.

    New Avengers: Dropped
    Avenger: On the verge of being dropped
    Secret Avengers: LOVE the new creative team
    Avengers Academy: Previously strong, not happy about recent fluctuation in art team. Will stick it out.
    Thunderbolts: Keeps chugging along with great creative team.

    Did I miss any Avengers titles?

  11. See that cover with Cap fighting Gorgon? Spoiler alert: DOESN’T HAPPEN! In fact, nothing really happens in this issue! The whole issue is spent showing you the Avengers in captivity and really that could’ve been done in one or two pages. I feel like this arc is REALLY drawn out and it’s been done before. Also where’s Storm? They made such a big deal about her being recruited for the Avengers and she’s barely being used. I think she was in one page last issue and it was just her getting knocked out by H.A.M.M.E.R agents. Hopefully she’ll be “avenging” more in future issues, before she starts fighting the Avengers in AvX. Also I was psyched to see Daniel Acuña as the artist on the title, but now he’s been by some lesser talented artist(s). Not to take anything away from Bendis, the man has written some great Avenger stories in the past, but I think it’s time for a new writer on this title.

  12. This was great. I like all the political intrigue and social commentary stuff.

  13. I don’t see how Thunderbolts, Avengers Academy and Secret Avengers count towards “too many Avengers books” since they are generally self contained (and generally solid) books. They share the same corner of the Marvel universe but in no way the water down each other. Only Avengers and New Avengers share the same story lines. Shall we count the X books? Or the Lantern books? Or the Bat books? We are talking about comics set in a continuity universe, c’mon…

  14. It took me all weekend to read this issue and still sorry to say there seems to be no hope for The Avengers. I am very sad and really hope they are going some where with this?! Arrrrrggggg!


  15. Can someone hand Bendis a Marvel Handbook to show him that there are more villians in the universe than Osborn and the Hood.

  16. I just keep reminding myself how much money I’m about to save once I drop both AVENGERS and NEW AVENGERS. I’ve got every issue of Bendis’ runs on both, and I can’t quit so close to the finish line!

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