• Spider-Man is stuck in a world where Peter Parker never existed!

• And reality is coming apart!

• Guest staring the Avengers!

Story by Brian Reed
Art by Lee Garbett & John Lucas
Colors by Antonio Fabela
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Lee Garbett, Karl Kesel, & Wil Quintana

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I’m excited for this simply because of Brian Reed. Marvel needs to give him a new ongoing,

  2. might get this for Lee Garbett, loved him on Batgirl

  3. Wasn’t this the plot of last years annual?

  4. Looking forward to this.

    I’m subscribing to this title, might as well get the annual.

    • Some quick googling reveals that Lee Garbett has skills.

      And I dug Brian Reed’s Ms. Marvel comic, so this should be good.

  5. No Slott? Not Bought!

  6. I loved this. It had some really great panels and it touched my heart in a great way. I’m a all out Spider-Man fan tho. I really, really enjoyed this story tho.

  7. Ok, maybe I misread the moral here. I mean, the world was definitely better, on the whole, without Peter Parker, right?. And that’s, like, never contradicted.

    Definitely some sweet bits in here, and great to see Ben again, but this ended up just bumming me out.

    • Yeah I wish there would have been something that showed that overall the world was not a better place without him….I mean there were some thing like Anna Watson not getting killed and all but Osborn curing cancer alone seems to cancel those out…

    • The moral to me was that while the world may have been better, it wasn’t the right world. It was coming apart at the seams. It was good wish fulfillment, but it wasn’t real, in the long run. The world can’t sustain itself without Peter Parker.

  8. I skipped this though i subscribe to Amazing. The plot sounds like a What If comic I’ve read many times over.

  9. Great one-shot. Not reading much Spidey these days but this was a nice way to revisit. Enjoy!

  10. I’m such a sucker for stuff like this, even got a little misty on those last pages.

  11. the uncle ben stuff at the end really got me.

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