• In this perilously penultimate issue of “Ends of the Earth” Inferno: Earth rages!

• We promised the End of the Earth… and this is it, Jocko!

• Guest staring: a doomed planet.

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Stefano Caselli
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Stefano Caselli & Gabriele Dell'otto

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Really looking forward to reading the whole arc at once.

    As a subscriber, I really appreciate these Wacker-verse mini-events.

  2. pretty legit so far. can’t wait for more.

  3. Amazing Spider-Man is easily in my top 5 books I get every month and I love that its bi-monthly since I usually can’t wait to read the next issue after reading one of them. This arc has been pretty awesome so far and Ramos and Caselli have been killing it on art. Nice to Caselli back on this one. Love this book.

  4. Did this solicit just call me Jocko?

    Been really enjoying this. Slott’s Spidey has been consistently excellent.

  5. Oh m GOD I love you, Caselli!! Why can’t he be the full time artist on this? His work makes Ramos’ look like it was drawn by Michael j Fox!

    • Dude.

    • Twice a month is a lot to expect from anybody.

      Maybe he wants to draw something besides Spider-Man.

    • I disagree I love Ramos.

    • I think Ramos, Caselli and Camuncoli are all good.

      They also have some great cover artists, like Mike Del Mundo for one.

      As a subscriber, I appreciate the fact that they are able to get the book to me twice a month with such a consistent level of at least goodness, sometimes excellence, for months and years at a time.

      I applaud the many artists who work to make this a great title.

  6. Loving This. Hope Peter and MJ get back together.

    • I do too. I know they aren’t going to bring the marriage back, but I see no reason they can’t have them date again….hopefully that is where we are heading.

    • After her having his powers in Spider-Island and she saying she loved him. (him not hearing) I knew something was coming up. Hope they get together again and have a dirty mutant child.

    • We already knew that they still loved each other. That was sorta covered in OMD and repeated in OMIT.
      As much as I would love to see a story where Peter pulls one over on Mephisto, I’m not banking on it any time soon.

  7. Slott is a mad genius, this was a great issue- loving Mysterio. I could read his own spin-off series.

  8. Hmm…I liked this issue overall but had a small problem with it.

    I kinda figured the whole Symkaria/half the world burning thing was going to be Mysterio….and the whole thing with Mysterio and Chameleon was great…but I really feel like the whole Mysterio turning sides thing so quickly doesn’t work…..unless it is all still part of Ock’s plan I just feel like it was too easy to get him to switch sides. It just seems that if there was any doubt with what Ock is doing, one of the other villains would have thought about it by now. Also I feel like Spider-man put his trust in Mysterio a little too quickly as well.

    Other than that, though, another solid issue. Interested to see how the whole thing with MJ buying the club works out.

    • I actually liked the way it happened. Although I haven’t been a long time reader of comics in general, I just felt like it fit very well with the context of the situation. When Mysterio said something to the effect of “you had me at 2 billion dollars” I could feel what was going on and how desperate Mysterio quickly became. It’s the end of the world; who wants 2 billion dollars of ash? lol

  9. tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    I do not like Spidey’s armor suit in this arc. It’s not one of his new outfits that express his personality or powers the way some of his others have.

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