• A glimpse of the future leaves Spider-Man with 12 hours to figure out how to stop it from happening.

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos & Victor Olazaba
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Mike Del Mundo

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I thought we we’re getting two Mark Waid issues of ASM? What happened? If slot is finishing that story you can forget it i’m jumping off that ship. Can’t give Slott anymore chances, sorry.

    • Continued in Daredevil, out this week.

    • damn! Daredevil isn’t available for digital purchase yet. Guess i’ll read it by alternative methods then. It’s retarded marvel still doesn’t have all it’s books digital yet, especially the second part of a story that was offered digital last week. Get your shit together marvel otherwise you don’t get my money.

  2. I love Spider-Man… I can’t stand Humberto Ramos on art anymore and Dan Slott as been getting downhill in his writing these last issues and seems more interested in writing anything BUT Spider-Man (Mysterio playing angry birds during a fight, social media being inserted out of the blue and not really serving the plot, FF and the Avengers being all over the place in ASM…etc.).

    Avenging Spider-Man seems like the natural choice for my Spidey fix; action, heroism and silly Spidey jokes. Plus its a fun book to read! I’m giving this one last chance to wow me and if not, I’m out and I’ll come back when it’s a different writer and any artist but RAMOS! 0_o

    • All your points on Dan Slott I agree. Mysterio was playing angry birds…are you kidding? So glad I skip issues.

      However I love Ramos. I wish Slott didn’t cover the great art with ALL of his words. I think over the years his manga-style has calmed down and he’s become a great artist. He’s art is dynamic, and I think his Peter and MJ are great. That’s what I look for from Amazing.

    • Ditto on the words comment. Slott definitely likes to use a lot of words. I mean its a visual medium! Let the art help tell the story!! It’s the same problem I have with Aaron on Wolverine and the X-Men.

    • Ramos ain’t bad in small doses, he’s just been too often in ASM in the last couple of issues for my taste.

      The guy’s sense of perception is all fucked up and inspired by Picasso.

      Just look at last issue’s cover and tell me you see it too. The view is from above and Black Cat is STANDING (flatly) above Spidey and DD but it looks 2D and I dunno it just kills it for me. Same thing with this issue, I read the preview on Comic book Ressources and there’s this panel with Peter brushing his teeth in front of the sink and the sink is completely flat and vertical as if we’re seeing it from above even though Peter’s in front of it from the side…

      I hate Picasso! 0_o

  3. Counterpoint:

    Hurrah! Slott & Ramos back on this issue. This is the team that got me to start buying Amazing again.

    • I’m with you, I think Slott was born to write Spidey, he clearly loves the character and has a great grasp of his history too. And I’m a big fan of Ramos too, yes he’s super cartoony, but I like it. Boom!

    • I really liked the Big Time arc….that got me back into ASM but since then i dunno..its been good to ok…but i’m still waiting to get back to that Big Time fun.

      I do like Ramos’ art a lot.

    • I’m with you guys I on the other hand don’t mind Slott or his spiderman and am still enjoying the series, I don’t understand the Pure hate that follows in the comments everytime an issue of Spiderman comes out.

      I agree with some of the points that are made but if this spidey isn’t for you like mentioned there are 2 other great spiderman titles out with Ultimate and Avenging which I also read

    • My opinion isn’t hate. If your interested we had a critical, but I think fair, discussion about Slotts pros and cons on last weeks Amazing Spider-man thread.

      I actually think he’s done some great Spidey stories, just not since he became the solo-writer.

    • @Zeppo: Ya i remember last weeks comments and thats why i brought it up because it seems to be an ongoing thing everytime an issue of this comes out.

      Its good when people give valid opinions as to why they dont like something on here but when the same people are posting in the comments section over and over again week to week to make the same points theyve already made about a book they arent even buying it doesnt make sense to me. I understand this is a community and people are entitled to their opinions and im sure im guilty of this myself even but thats why i reffered to it as hate because i wouldnt know what else to call it at that point and wanted to mention it.

  4. Sorry Spidey I like your book but I had to cut some (ASM Incredible Hulk Cap an Bucky) for some others (Winter Soldier AvsX Lone Ranger) I’ll check you out later.

  5. I Like Slott’s writing and I’m really looking forward to watever is planned for 2012 with Doc Ock.

    Don’t much like Ramos’s art myself but I’ll put up with it, prefer the artist who did the recent vulture 2 parter.

  6. I love slott. I don’t care for Ramos though. His faces are always weird and contorted and I don’t feel like he grasps “forshortening” where you shorten and angle things to give a 3D effect to a 2D scape. Some of his stuff like that last black cat cover is so flat looking it almost reminds me of hyroglyphics.

  7. In an effort to not be branded, I gave this issue ago.

    I loved it. A story that focused on Peter/Spider-man, where he was actually told not to to bring in other superheroes.

    If Spider-man wins or loses, it’s on him. That’s what I want to read week in week out. I’ll definatly pick up the next issue, but I’ll be gone again when the next “big event” starts.

    I got to enjoy a Romas issue…yay! He’s Marcos Martin inspired splash page was alot of fun. If only Dan Slott could deliver this type of script every week. Sorry.

  8. I loved this issue, I like Slott’s writing a lot, he genuinely seems to love the character and the history. I’ve enjoyed everything he’s done on Amazing and hope he stays on for a long time.

  9. I like this title very much and has been action packed and very entertaining. I really thought the lunch room of the future was…ahh…well…… just…. not good. I realize where we are going with this however; I thought this was a weak issue this month and did not keep up with the quality as of late. I will be staying on board of course, just thought this was a 3 rating this month. Artwork was there and I get the plot and all, I just think the whole lunch room of the furture was a little weak or an explanation; maybe just a little to silly.


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