Find out what everyone’s favorite sextet of super villains has been up to while New York was spidered out.

All leading up to Doc Ock’s master plan to—well—you’ll have to wait and see as 2012 promises to be the END of Spider-Man!

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Humberto Ramos & Victor Olazaba
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. I love Ramos’s covers but for the sake of me I can’t stand his interior art! I guess I’ll have to step on my ego and enjoy this story anyways!

  2. Word balloons on the cover!!

    Not often you see that anymore!

    (What’s this “end of Spider-Man” talk?)

  3. Humberto!

  4. I haven’t enjoyed Spider Man in 20yrs.But Spider island got me hooked!

  5. craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap.
    humberto ramos.

    And breaking the fourth wall? this ain’t deadpool, is it?

    I’m sad. But of course, I’m still buying this.

  6. Thank goodness Ramos is back… the last two issues were rough.

  7. mmmmmm….sinister six
    this is one of those that i’ll read in the CS cover to cover to see if i can dig it. i havent liked asm in a while. a LONG while.
    i do like ramos….

  8. owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Ramos is back, no offense i dont care for his art but i kno the story will b top notch so ill deal

  9. This was not my favorite issue. It wasn’t bad, just very “okay”. I also like it better when Spider-man appears in his title book and is not just on the cover.

  10. wow, Slott must have been out of material after Spider Island for this filler. Im not sure what qualifies this book to have the Amazing spiderman Logo on the cover.

  11. First issue of ASM in a long time that has disappointed me. I know they have to fill in the back story for the bad guys, but not a single appearance of Spidey made this a pretty poor issue. I kinda raced through it in the end.

  12. Well…. next issues crossover with DD looks cool. Right, guys?

  13. The very definition of pointless filler issue.

  14. This was a very good story; unique in the fact that you get to see the other side of the fence a little. No Spidey in the whole issue? That is correct; though it was still lots of fun and even though at points seemed more like a comedy; I enjoyed it. The action was good and an all out rumble between two villianous groups was cool! Artwork was give or take really although I think this cartoony cartoony artwork worked for this issue; does that make sense? Oh well, still good.


  15. dissapointing. Cover was okay, but interior art, looked very rushed and very poor.

  16. I had some extra cash this week, so got this book.

    I skipped Spider-Island and the 2 issues after it, but since this is pretty much a done-in-one I will be getting the DD/Spider-Man cross-over issues, I tried this issue.

    I was not disappointed. I like how the characters were portrayed and while the art was sketchy and maybe rushed at times, overall it worked pretty well.

    A decent issue.

  17. 20 pages for $4 and no Spider-man. Hmmm. I actually enjoyed the issue, but not sure about the value here. Are we done with longer length Spidey for $4 or is this an anomaly?

  18. Totally fun issue. Loved the cheeserific last line. Wish they would go two issues instead of three to four or keep it strictly 2.99 across the board.

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