GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI joins the regular Spidey artist rotation in this high flying free falling ride through Dan Slott’s post Spider-Island world.

The VULTURE IS BACK and making kids do his high flying dirty work for him. With Spidey back on the cops’ bad side will he be able to stop this flying Fagan from twisting young runaways before another boy falls from the sky?

Story by Dan Slott
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Klaus Janson
Colors by Frank D'Armata
Letters by Joe Caramagna

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Easily one of my favorite books every time since SI.

  2. I’m still really happy that I subscribed to this. I look forward to getting it a couple times each month.

  3. So nice to have Spidey back in my regular pull list. I missed ya, Pete!

  4. Dan Slott is really hit and miss for me. Individual issues in this run have ranged from sublime to painful. And then there was that run of co-written crossover dreck we will not speak of it further). I wish he would find whatever gear it is that I really like and stay in it. Keeping Carlie out of Peter’s life will help.

    • I agree. Dan Slott has done some of the best ASM issues in a long time, but also had his name on some terrible ones (in particular that Jean DeWolff story and the Avengers Academy cross over). But now that Spider-Island is over, lets hope that he can focus on keeping this book on track.

    • Yeah, that Avengers Academy cross over was painful. When Slott is on though, he is really on.

  5. I’m so happy this isn’t that red tool. The black turtle neck though? Is Adrian suddenly a goth poet? I want to see some green, dammit!

  6. One of Marvels best titles right this moment!


  7. In hopes of missing all the event-related story-lines, is it safe to assume that this issue would be a good jump on point? (or last issue?)

    • if you recognize classic spidey villains, you should be fine. Not really any mention of spider-island in the last issue. Although, i would encourage you to try it!!!

    • For last issue all you need to know is that everyone was turned into giant spiders and are now better. That’s it.

    • Issue #674 or last issue would be the better jumping on point really since the last issue closes the door on the Spider-Island and then the new story arc starts to take shape right away. So @Kmanifesto; last issue would be ideal.


  8. Glad Ramos will be back on the book next issue. For the most part I found the artwork okay for a fill-in artist, but a few times it was a bit painful to look at.

  9. This was a fun read, but not the epic Vulture fight I wanted. 3/5.

  10. I enjoyed Vulture and it was not an epic battle because he took off after he caused a deversion. I think he left to fight another day, I do not think he was ready for an epic battle at this time. Could there be something he is setting up for later??
    I gave this a 4, thought the artwork was very good and Spidey’s life seems to be getting more and more complicated!
    Spidey and Deadpool together very shortly and I for one can’t wait; these are two of Marvels best characters right now and they have been firing on all cylinders!


  11. please, don’t ever let Ramos return.
    he’s a great guy, and a great artist, but i really got tired of cartoony spiderman.
    same reason i dropped wolverine & the x-men, and same reason i almost dropped snyder’s batman.

    • I just can’t stand those buck teeth!!! Every character!?!? Really?!?

    • Hes coming back in the future solicits it shows him as an artist on an upcoming issue

    • I knew he’d be back. But, I would be lying if I said my fingers weren’t crossed for the opposite.

    • Well… I don’t like his style, so I agree with you. I can stand it for one or two issue from time to time, but Spider-Island would have been sooooo much better had it been another artist instead of him!

      Cartoony and unrealistic proportions = turn-off for me!

    • We shall agree to disagree. LOVE Ramos and really liked Spider-Island because of him. Very happy to see him return as often as possible. Also like the other Amazing Spidey regular artists, but Humberto’s my favorite. Ramos has a similar cartoony edge that Joe Mad has in Avenging Spidey and I am also digging that book.

    • See, I love Joe Mad’s style in Avenging Spider-Man, I think it’s the way its pulled-off that works or works not for me. Ramos’s covers I love but his layouts and poses during action scenes looks like cluster-fucks to my eyes most of the time and I end up browsing it quicker than usual for that.

      But I think Joe Mad makes the cartoony look work really well giving it a gritty look or I dunno, it looks awesome! Same goes with Greg Capullo on Batman, its cartoony but man can the guy make it look unique and interesting, gritty and dark at the same time: genius!

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