Thanos is back! On one side you have the Marvel Universe’s #1 threat! On the other: a dark new force determined to obliterate everyone! In the middle are the outnumbered and battle-hardened heroes that stand between us and complete decimation! A war has ignited which will combine the galaxy’s most dedicated warriors with a collection of heroes that you never saw coming! It’s a battle that will span the cosmos, deliver major shocks, and will prove to you why IGN proclaims “Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning can seemingly do no wrong” and Aint It Cool News raves that Abnett and Lanning consistently deliver “terrific action, interesting character development, and some pretty good jokes all rolled into one amazing package.”

WRITER: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
PENCILS: Brad Walker
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: Aleksi Briclot

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  1. I could not be more pumped for this.  I really like that Marvel is putting Nova and Guardians on hiatus, not a big fan of tie-ins.  Getting the entire story in this mini will only help.

  2. I am also very much looking forward to reading this.

  3. I don’t read any of Abnett or Lannings stuff but I am anxiously awaiting this!

  4. This is me jumping on…

  5. *Crosses fingers an hopes that "hiatus" doesn’t mean cancelled like it did for Iron Fist and Ghost Rider.

  6. @MikeFarley I hope not either…


    Otherwise I’m TOTALLY PUMPED for this!!

  7. FANOS!

  8. My power animal.

    So excited for this, but I made a decision long ago to trade wait on all Abnett in space.

  9. I think that the cosmic books have suffered some since Realm of Kings. Hopefully this will inject some new life into the Marvel cosmic corner of the universe.

  10. Hasn’t there been only been 2 issues of each since Realm?

  11. I dropped GotG when they started doing the time splicing deal, but I was always a big fan before that, especially during War of Kings. Heres hoping this series can rekindle my love of the series.

  12. If Guardians and Nova don’t come back I have to imagine they would launch at least one new cosmic monthly.  Anyone feel like engaging in my favorite pastime of wild speculation? 

  13. Wild speculation: Mar-vell as Captain Marvel and he creates a Captain Marvel corps. of all the others bearing his name, throw in all of the Marvel Boys for a power bracelet fest.

  14. This was really good.  As long as the raccoon is in, I’m in, too.

  15. THANOS!

  16. Ignition indeed!!!!!    And looking the preview art in the backhas me even more excited! Starlord has his cybernetic eye back! (Dont know why I’m so excited for that)

  17. thanos will rules the cosmic U again ! f. yeah

  18. This definitely has me stoked for the main series. Also gold to see its coming so soon.

  19. I’ll be giving this a shot agree with @jesTr that this may give the cosmic series a boost..

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