The Thanos Imperative is over…but who and what has survived? What happened to Thanos? What about Lord Mar-Vell and the Cancerverse? Who rules the Kree and the Shi’Ar? Is anyone left to guard the galaxy? And who will hold the shattered civilizations of the Marvel Universe together in this bleak new age?

Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning
Art by Miguel Sepulveda
Cover by Alex Garner

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  1. i’m still going through the five stages of grief for my beloved Nova and Guardians…

  2. Sweet, glad Sepulveda is on this, been a great, epic run.

  3. There’s no way that this can completely tie up and leave me satisfied with the ending of the Cosmic Marvel world as we know it. I’m sure I will love it but the sadness is heavy with this one.

  4. I’m very excited to read this, can’t wait for some Groot and Raccoon.

  5. @wangman31888 and Minion  I think we should just start a support group.  How does Wednesday evenings sound?

  6. @Spoons we would need Dr. Phil to get us through this

  7. this book makes me happy and sad, at the same time! I’m hapady.

  8. Probably my favorite comic book I’ve read in months.

  9. PLEASE tell me Annihilators starts soon, I need some more of this.

  10. Great issue, just not sure of “Annihilators” as the team name, should still be Guardians of the Galaxy as a tribute to the sacrifice Star-Lord and Nova made.

    Love Cosmo as a character, mainly cus I love dogs, but that looks too much like a medical collar to me.  Otherwise, Sepulveda is really one of my fave artists now. 

  11. Sweet baby Jesus, this was so awesome! A&L’s cosmic stuff is just SO damn good, and Sepulveda’s art was stunning.

  12. This issue was really good, but I think I’m done with cosmic marvel for right now.  If Annihilators is good, I’ll read it in trade.  Actually I’ll probably buy the trade just to read Rocket & Groot!

  13. I really just didn’t care. I need more thanos. 

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