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The hunter becomes the hunted as Julie and Ivy team-up to track down the serial killer, Cain, and take away his only weapon, the alloy. Stakes are high as the girls must have the alloy to fight an even bigger fight – against an entire army!

By Terry Moore

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Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. My LCS got this in last week. Very good, as always.

  2. I’m ready for some action!

  3. The last issue was just so gd good. Hoping to see a lot of iFanboys buy the hardcover for this.

    Wait there’s going to be a hardcover?

  4. Sooo good but I doubt my shop is getting this on time (shakes fist at diamond) although Locke and key was on time this week so just maybe (crosses fingers) (realizes I may be overdoing parenthetical gestures)

  5. Ruo21 yup a massively big huge hardcover XD

  6. Fantastic as always, I don’t think this book has ever got less than a 4 from me.

  7. I love this book, but every issue feels too damn short.

  8. don’t get me wrong it was another solid issue, but i found it very decompressed and we are in a little bit of a stand still until the ending. I would suggest this comic to anyone but I think it will be AMAZING as one big trade

  9. I totally felt sorry for half face guy at the end, even though he was a dick.

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