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Trapped in an underground bunker, Julie fights with Annie over who should use her body for the escape, and poor Dillon is the referee! Meanwhile, Dan’s biker gang buries their fallen brothers. After the funeral, the boys mount up for an all out attack on HeNRI.

By Terry Moore

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  1. Million dollar question, does it ship this week?

  2. Not to my store unless Diamond sacrificed something to get their stuff together.

  3. Echo ships to the west coast first, then the rest of the country the week after, so if you’re on the west coast it is out this week.

  4. Everytime I see this is coming out I get excited.  Then I realize that I have to wait an extra week to get it, and I die a little inside.

  5. The shipping on this is weird to me; I’m in the UK and we get it this week (although Thursday rather than Wednesday as that’s when new comics come out here) but West Coast of America don’t get it until next week..?

  6. @Ricky
    switch it east coast gets next week

  7. I’m not sure where everybody is putting the dividing line, but I still consider Ohio part of the eastern US even though its in the Mid-West.  I get mine on time every time it comes out.

  8. @Peterparker18102, sorry typo, my point was really just that we get it in the UK a week before parts of the US, which seems odd.  Do any other comics ship on different dates to different places I wonder?

  9. @ ricky

    this is the only book i have read that does this, and i read a fair amount of indie stuff

  10. Chicago – did not come in today. I feel so left out.

  11. This was fantastic!

  12. My shop didn’t get it here in the UK 🙁

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