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Julie Martin channels the other woman living inside her to break into HeNRI’s top-secret research facility and steal the rest of the Beta Suit. But what they find is more than they could have imagined – and far more deadly!

By Terry Moore

Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. I look forward to reading this, but I’d be shocked if it arrives at the comic shop before next week.

  2. @cubsmodano: What usually happens is that the West Coast gets it the week it is supposed to be out, and the East Coast gets it the week after. Which sucks for people on the East Coast.

  3. @Conor- I’m experiencing the same thing on the West Coast, not sure if it has something to do with my shop or what, but the problem is specific to this book.

  4. Noooo I am sad to hear that! I just caught up and am pumped to read this.

  5. @Conor and Canadians get it even later…

  6. Maybe in the new year Diamond will have their stuff together. It makes no sense that it comes out to half the people one week and the other half the next. They don’t do this with Marvel and DC I bet.

  7. @Conor I live in Ohio and it alway arrives on time.  Diamond is so weird sometimes.

  8. Last issue was incredible!  I expect greatness again.

  9. For my stack, it’s probably gonna be this or Siege as my POW this week.


  10. And the delay continues in 2010. No new Echo in my store.

  11. @silent

    me neither

  12. @West Coast triumphs again… or at least Washington.

  13. Got it here in California. Awesome!

  14. Turned out this week as small but AWESOME. On a quieter week, this would’ve had a better chance of being the POW, but there were great character moments in *everything* I read this week. Still, one of the best issues of the entire series. A solid, SOLID five star comic. Nobody delivers like Terry Moore.


  15. Didn’t arrive.  Next week I’m sure.

  16. is that the actual cover art? Because thats pretty lame

  17. Nice! I can be a cover artist now.

  18. no it’s not the real cover

  19. @kickass 17 was awesome! Sucks it was delayed I just caught up and was pumped for this week

  20. So so close to being my potw. Stumptown just beat it out.

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