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  1. Wow, speedy….

  2. I predict my shop will not have this until next week after the last two have been a week late.

  3. Love this book.

  4. Same here, it’s been a few months since I got this one on time.  I think they are having a problem with the distributor.

  5. I *still* never got the last issue. *grumble*


  6. @Everyone- Agreed. 10 bucks on my store not having this.

  7. @Ruo21 – You just have to believe man. Believe that Echo will be there for you.

  8. I just finished the first trade of this. I Loved it. Now to hunt down the rest.

  9. I’ve never had a shipping issue with this.  Always there and completely reliable.

  10. I always get this the next week and am beginning to wonder if it is because I live in Canada…

  11. My store did not get this.

  12. I’m in Toronto and this never arrives on time.  I just got #16 a couple of weeks ago.  It’s not set to ship this week.

  13. @cenquist, it’s not because you’re in Canada.  I live in New York and this is the 3rd consecutive issue that my store did not get on time.  Last two were both a week late.

  14. This one came in; my shop says they’ll get the last one next week.

    This issue was fucking excellent, btw. 


  15. This issue was really good but my god all the :words: nearly broke my brain. I wasn’t expecting to have to think so you much you know 🙂

  16. I got this on time for once which hasn’t happened in at least 4 or 5 issues.  Also, I find it intersting that I never seem to know what is going on in this book.  I always feel like I missed an issue whenever I read it.

    Best issue in reent memory and POW for me,  Though it didn’t really have much competition.

  17. Well, it seems I’m the only one that gets this on time.  Not sure why, but my local store is AMAZING!!! 

    BTW, this was a great issue.  Almost got pick of the week.  Almost.

  18. Finally got this. I wonder what Moore’s think about all this.

  19. Too much jibber-jabber in this one.  I appreciate the answers but when you can’t finish a regular-sized comic in one sitting — that’s too much words for me.

  20. Why has my copy got a different (worse) cover to this one?

  21. Also, why does that blurb at the top always seem to be a few issues ahead of what’s going on in the actual issue???!!!

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