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  1. Half-way point!

  2. @ Deadspace- Thanks for the heads-up, I didn’t realize this series had a planned end point.

  3. yeah 30 issues then a giant hardcover *drools*

  4. That’s official? Awesome!


  5. I didn’t realize that it was going to 30.  I think I assumed it was going to be 24, but 30 is good:)

  6. My LCS didn’t get this:(

  7. Mine neither. *sad trombone*

  8. My store also didn’t get this issue.  Did anyone?

  9. Negative in New York City.

  10. Negative for me as well.

  11. This’ll be the second time that I fail to buy this comic on wddnesday from two separate LCSs despite pulling it at one. Is Diamond fucking this book over or what?

  12. ya this is confusing.  I got the issue, but it has the cover that the iFanboy backlog says goes on #3.  I am not sure if this is a repeat since my boxes are back home. 

  13. Also, the endings for this comic are like hitting a brick wall.  I am thinking about continuing to buy the issues and then just reading them all at once when the story is over.

  14. Got it on the west coast… well SF at least.

  15. Chicago – didn’t get it. Wha happened?

  16. Got it here in L.A. Great issue, as usual.

  17. I got it in Washington.

  18. Negative in Valparaiso.

  19. Negatory Texas

  20. So……..did this come out this week for the rest of the country?

  21. Yeah, I got it. Great issue.

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