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  1. fuck…. that’s a stupid cover

  2. it’s the cover from last month.

  3. gods, I freakin’ love this book.


  4. good shit

  5. @Edward – Hah, why?  ‘Cause you’ve been brainwashed into thinking "Buttcheeks = BAD in comics!"

  6. My LCS sends out an email every week to the people who have pull lists through the store. This is delayed a week on the West Coast!! What?? Is that allowed?? How does that happen?? AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!

  7. Well there’s definitely nothing sexual about the cover.  It’s showing how the alloy is quickly covering her body.  Can’t show that with clothes on.

  8. @kickass: it’s a shot of a chick ass covered in liquid metal. it doesn’t take a genius to realise it a sexual freudian thing…. but stupid

  9. I like the cover. Julie is feeling increasingly vulnerable and threatened, and having her nude is a good way to express that. And I like the chalkboard – it shows the personality that’s attached to the suit trying to communicate.

    Unless edward’s complains is one of the cootie variety, in which case I can’t argue.

  10. Actually, looking over the previous covers, I’d say this is one of the best ones.

  11. Delayed a week? That’s why my copy didn’t show up? MOTHERFUCKER.

  12. My copy didn’t show up either. This just sucks.

  13. @Dez I live on the west coast and I don’t think it’s ever been late

  14. Ya the west coast center didn’t recieve this. Me=bummed. Didn’t get War Of Kings Either. The 2 books I was most looking forward to.

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