The rebirth of the Ninja Turtles continues! New twists in the Turtles’ origin are revealed as Raphael continues his life apart from his brothers and uncovers danger with his new pal Casey Jones. The only result can be some serious street brawlin’!

Meanwhile villainous Old Hob has his eyes and ears to the ground and he only has one thought on his mind—bloody revenge! Will the Turtles be reunited in time to stop his plan, or will they be picked off one by one?

The only way to find out is to read this issue!

Story by Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman
Art by Kevin Eastman & Dan Duncan
Cover by Kevin Eastman & Dan Duncan

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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. Yes! I love this book!

  2. I want to like this but…I can’t. Casey gets his ass kicked by his dad and then it’s off to fight some crime…lame. Not really digging Duncan’s art all that much either…It’s drop city if this issue fails.

    • Casey getting his ass kicked gets explained in the first part of this issue. (as seen in the preview of it)

    • I left this on the shelf myself. I’m not into the art, it’s pretty sloppy, and the story was moving pretty slowly. I wanted this to be great, or fun, but it was just okay to me. I need more than okay to keep me interested.

  3. Had to drop this because of my pull list being to large after the New 52 relaunch 🙁

  4. Cowabonga! 😀

  5. I can’t wait until this comes out in tpb so I can get it in the UK. It’s so annoying that they won’t sell the issues here.

  6. have to say that this series has been super solid so far, I am enjoying this relaunch just as much or better then anything from DC

  7. This was really good once again! Great characterization all around! Although the art wasn’t as good as the previous two issues. Plus! I got a letter printed in the back! 😀

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